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Neil and fer_realz have already spoken for me, and better than I would have put it, so let me just second the motion. Cecile is lovely and warm, and always welcome, and the portraits at the end made me feel as if I were seeing her in a fresh way. She has a wonderful quality of openness and directness that gives her a great deal of presence, and just seems to get more beautiful as she goes on. She looks particularly good with a minimum of makeup, I think.

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That is one spectacular set of nipples. Bet it's almost impossible to keep them from showing through her clothes! Of course she has many other equally engrossing features to distract when nude. I would love to see some shots of her in a blouse or nighty with those nipples showing through the fabric! That's always a turn on for me.

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With as dark as her areolae and nipples are, how about one of Rylsky's trademark "wet sets" with Cecile in a sheer white top and matching wet panties?

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While the body shots were as wonderful as we've come to expect from maestro Rylsky, the portraits toward the end of the set were particularly lovely.

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"Body shots?" Sounds like boxing.

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Aren't they kinda like Jell-O shots or navel shots? Oooooh .... navel shots with nipple chasers!

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Would "full length shots" sound better, Neil? ( ;

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This is a wonderful surprising treat. I have a soft spot in my heart for this beautiful young woman. Cecile is so very pretty and very cute. I love her brunette hair, particularly when she wears it with the soft wave as she does in this set. I am very happy with the mesmerizing close-up portraits in this set. I think I could look at them for hours. Her dark brown eyes are exquisite.

So to the beautiful young woman who we know as Cecile, my very warm regards and best wishes. You are wonderful.

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