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It's always a pleasure to see Cecile, and among her sets, I think this is by far the best.

  • 4 years ago
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She is very ... human

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Straight out of Playboy, circa 1970... Just a bit more "artsy" than they usually got.

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Cecile is so very pretty and so very sweet. Such a beautiful lady. It is wonderful to see her again. She seems to have changed just a little. It has been about six months since her last up date. And last week, we saw her on MetArt with a different name. What a treat.

This set shows a different kind of style for Rylsky and Cecile, a bold and audacious change. I am not sure if I like it. I prefer the photos on the second page, with that back lighting, but the other photos are very appealing as well. A very interesting study in light and shadows. Intriguing!

So I hope we get to see this remarkable young woman named Cecile again. She is wonderful.

Very warm regards and best wishes to Cecile.

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Lovely, A bit tame but I assume that was the models request. Kind of a shame because she has a very lovely vulva This girl has nipples of stone! She could put a guys eye out with those things. LOL ;)

A very lovely set. Artistic without going overboard and done very successfully. I love the purple halo effect! It really frame that oh so lovely face. That last shot is stunning. I am usually not a fan of the artsy/gimmicky type sets but this one worked very well.

Nice job guys.

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My goodness. I had forgotten how incredibly sexy Cecile is. My bad.

Thanks to both Cecile and Rylsky for this great gallery. I hope Cecile is still posing and that we will see more galleries, sooner rather than later.

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Cecile is such a pretty thing, sweet-faced and sexy in an understated way. I hope she doesn't wait another two years before coming back.

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