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How did I miss this set? Very nice!

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Late to the party, my bad.

Of course I really like this visit from lovely Carmen. Why you may ask. Because of her long hair, great eyebrows, hazel eyes, fantastic navel (especially in coin slot mode), and prominent inner labia.

Thank you Carmen, Thank you Rylsky; if we are favored with another / more visits from Carmen, I will try to comment on time.

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excelente women 10/10

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Kind of piercing eyes - not really your typical brown "bedroom" eyes - but really, really nice. Love the way some women with fuller breasts, such as Carmen, end up with their areolae & nipples pointing "outward" from their body's centerline instead of pointing directly forward. Usually (but not always) gets coupled with erect nipples which end up showing through blouses & sweaters quite nicely.

My only minus is one of personal preference. With Carmen's overall light skin tone, dark eyes and black hair & eyebrows, together with Mr. Rylsky shooting her against stark white furniture & background, I think Carmen could have gone a couple of shades "redder" with her lipstick to make things really "pop" - but that's just a personal preference.

Nice to see her back again. Been too long.

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I agree with Neil. I would add that her bush is erotic and artistic, and adds significantly to her appeal.

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Works really well with her light skin tone & overall high-key look of the set. Not really one to comment on a model's "lady bits" but in frame #30, really like the way the redness/pink color is offset by her dark bush & skin coloring. Makes the picture kinda "jump" off the monitor.

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@ arkie

# 30 made me want to jump through the monitor!

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Carmen also has that kind of bottom lip that just makes me want to take a big, playful bite out of when kissing her.

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Look at those beautiful dark brown eyes, so very captivating. This is a truly beautiful young woman. Photos number 69 and 70 are magnificent!

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This beautiful lady of Spain reminds me of Gera, another gorgeous senorita from Spain who did only one set with Rylsky published on Metart in 2011. Both ladies have gorgeous ravin black hair and exquisite dark brown eyes. But Gera wore a bit more hair in her intimate places. Among Rylsky's many talents is the ability to find so many amazingly beautiful women from all over the world. Bravo Rylsky, bravo!

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