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This is a nice surprise. It is nice to see Indiana on RylskyArt. She is one of those models that just seems to belong on RA. I like her lovely red hair and beautiful figure. A Carla is very attractive too. I hope we will see much more of both of these ladies.

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Oh my goodness, what a sweet tease this set is!
Carla is a very nice choice to compliment Indiana, I hope much more material of Carla is on the way, I would like a chance to get to know her the way we've had with Indiana.
I especially liked the shots from below... I wonder, has any other photographer shot Indiana from that angle? It is a very very nice view, of both ladies.

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Carla is, indeed, a nice find and a really nice presentation for us here. To me, she has this kind of "older" quality about her - not that she IS older - just that it' a refreshing change of pace. I especially like the shots of her backside and thighs from below and behind (pardon the pun). More of Carla wouldn't be looked askance at - not by me at least.

And Indiana - well, what can one say about her? She always seems to have that playful look about her in whatever set she appears in. She always seems to be enjoying her work. And I always enjoy seeing her enjoy her work.

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Indiana is one of those iconic models of the MetArt family. I am glad she is finally appearing on RylskyArt!

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