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Very pretty young girl. Hope to see more.

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Delightful visit from the beautiful and charming Berka. Where do all these gorgeous Ukrainian women come from – they must have the highest percentage of attractive women of any country. A wonderful photo shoot with shots 4, 5 & 6 being my favourite – I love a full-length portrait of a slender figure from the rear. This girl has what it takes to be a real superstar.

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There is something very "Nikia-esque" about Berka! Youthful, adorable, wholesome, and arousing; her poses and various expressions draw the viewer to her invitingly. This purely nude gallery is heartwarming and stunning. Berka is sensational!

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What a beautiful young woman. I love this sweetheart. And photo number 1, my favorite kind of pose, the Wonder Woman or Super Girl pose. That is a strong, confident woman. And everyone knows, confidence it the essence of true feminine beauty. Excellent! I am very happy today. I hope we will see Berka in many more galleries both on MetArt and here on RylskyArt.

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Yip yip yip yip, yahoo oo, another visit from Berka. I really like this beautiful woman.

My favorite images are 48 and 72. I wager that 66 would have been spectacular if shot (viewed) from down by Berka's feet.