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Non è una modella e si vede. Ma è bella. Si, desidero anche le ragazze che si incontrano tutti i giorni.

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One of the parts of RA that keeps me coming back again and again. Being reminded that these are real girls capable of all the fun and joy life can bring makes them do much more special. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

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The backstage sets are one of my favorite parts of RA. Aside from their just being a lot of fun, the photos bring out a very likeable side of these wonderful women. They're very good models, and I always enjoy their performances, but imagine what it must be like to play the role of a sex goddess, knowing you're just a human being. Anybody with a sense of humor is going to want to make a face sometimes.

I don't know if it's just me, but there are often at least a few photos in each of these backstage sets that strike me as the best pictures ever of a particular woman. For example, in the previous backstage set, #17 and #18, Night looked sexier than ever. Steffi is madly attractive whatever she does, but in the first three pictures here, just being herself, she's a complete force of nature. Marit has a million watt smile, like Steffi, but her smile in #18 is even more engaging, because she's responding to something specific. Seeing Berka goof around here adds a delightful layer to her amazing work as a model.

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I appreciate so detailed comment here from you. Thanks a lot!

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I always love these backstage sets. It's fun to see these ladies break character, maybe lose their composure a little bit. Although Rylsky, what were you doing behind the camera in photo #12? Berka looks almost frightened! :)

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nothing special, just wearing costume of Dracula when shoot her.

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Explains a lot. ;)

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Backstage volumes are always fun.

Sometimes it is obvious why an image didn't get published. Sometimes an image will look nice and only our host, or somebody with better eyes than me, knows why it didn't.


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