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An absolute favorite in the Rylsky world for me! Berenice is superbly conditioned and Athletic. OMG! 22 and 23 are my favorites in this set! Her torso is absolutely perfect and the lighting and shadows highlight every luscious curve! I would to plant wet kisses of every inch of her lovely chest and tummy!

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Beautiful girl, love how perfectly smooth she is down below, and her bottom is absolutely flawless

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A beautiful young woman in a wonderful sunny summer location, excellent. I love Berenice's slender petite figure. Very nice.

And time for today's foreign language lesson. According to Google translator, "Rot" translates out of Russian and Ukrainian as "mouth". "Rot" is the German word for "red". Both meanings make sense as a title for this update. However, in English, "Rot" means decay or spoilage, like rotten tomatoes.

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Rylsky, I sorry. My foreign language lesson was not supposed to be an insult to you or Berenice. I'm sure the title "Rot" refers to the red robe which Berenice wore throughout the entire update. It is interesting to see how the same little word can mean such different things in different languages. I bet "rot" means other things in other languages. It really is amazing that we can all get along together.

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Beautiful, lush location; so is Berenice.

My favorite images are 27 to 29, and 41.

Thanks all around.

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