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  • 2 years ago
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I've just watched this set in order to see Wanda's "petals". But I can hardly see anything of Wanda's petals. When I watch such a gallery, I'd like to see those petals OPEN, PLAIN and CLEAR! That means, I want to see the labia spread open! And it also means that I DON'T want to see any fingers covering it These "Petals" sets are made for those people who like to see exactly THAT! But if these "Petals" galleries don't contain such pictures, the "Petals" sets don't make any sense and you can stop releasing them! So I hope that the future "Petals" galleries will more satisfy the needs.

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This is DEFINITELY for me!!! ;-)

I wish we could see more of wide-open pink in your videos!

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This is not for me. I believe even the sexiest models should keep some parts private and mysterious. Maybe Rylsky can get a magnetic resonance imager (MRI) so we can get a good look at the model's uterus and ovaries. Wouldn't that be exciting?

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I know, my friend, that this series just not for you, that's why we always marked it with special title and with special different cover.
But see - this is the New Summer starts right now, and this means happy times. See regular and "usual" updates in June featuring Anelie, Jeffy, Evita, Brisa and many more. And new BACKSTAGE volume coming up in June, that's special series that I know you always liked...

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Petals galleries are always a treat especially when the model(s) exercise their right to choose their own grooming style.

My favorite images are 13 and 24. Thanks to Ava, Wanda, and Rylsky for starting off June in such a pleasant manner.

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