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Outstanding! She does look a bit like Nikia...almost eerily so :-)
Top notch all the same!

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welcome to RA Club!
thank you for joining us!

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Great debut, Aurmi. Love, love, love your smile.
Thank you for sharing your bod.

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Beautiful model with lovely eyes, lithe body and gorgeous face. I love her underarm and pubic stubble and wish it were longer. She has lush, dark pubic hair and should maximize it.

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There are some days I really, really envy you your job, Rylsky... rest assured, today is one of those days! Lovely little Aurmi is quite definitely my type and she's quite bountifully creamy to boot... I wonder if she's frequently/usually that way, or if the act of posing for our pleasure inspires that reaction in her? Either way, that added a nice bit of spice to this set.

I have one criticism alone and that concerns the stockings. I am not one to advocate removal of stockings in an erotic set, I think they should stay on through the entire set. However, this set is an exception to the rule. It looks like the elastic gave out halfway through the set, and the resulting look is NOT flattering to Aurmi and the stockings should have been removed the rest of the way rather than hanging flaccidly from halfway up the leg up.

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DANGER Will Robinson! A whisker rub advisory has been issued.

Welcome to RylskyArt, Aurmi. Your eyebrows and eyes are very appealing, as is your lovely long hair. I especially like that we see a hint of ribs now and then.

Nice discovery Rylsky! Kudos for not going overboard on post production image manipulation. Let's continue to see visits from Aurmi, please.

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Really like her tan lines. That lovely alabaster-like skin coupled with the dark hair is killer. Too bad her areolae aren't a couple of shades darker to offset that lovely skin tone - always liked "Hershey Kiss" areolas - but that's not Aumi's fault.

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Thanks for the advisory, Baggy... I'll happily volunteer to help Aurmi clean up that five o'clock shadow around her lovely pink bits with enthusiasm and gusto, and I'll further volunteer my cheeks as a test subject to see if my remedy does the job... (;

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And I'll be equally, if not more so, happy to stand guard those bastions against the barbaric hordes flourishing all manner of sharpened implements, chemical accoutrements, and/or petroleum-based subterfuges in the right of the queen of the realm to display her own opinion. ;-) ;-)

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Fear not, my friend!

My assistance would be offered solely on the condition that her acceptance was entirely voluntary. I totally agree that a woman has the total right to pick which way she decides to display her private parts, and to whom and under what circumstances. :)

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Dark brown hair, exquisite placid blue eyes, small breasts and a thin feminine figure on a 5"7' frame. This beautiful young lady could be Chandra's kid sister. I am very happy to meet her. Aurmi, a very interesting name. Google translator tells me that in Macedonian it would be pronounced like "Army," like that group of guys that Alexander the Great used to conquer the known world. It does not matter of course. I won't be speaking her name soon. So, Rylsky, I hope you can keep Aurmi very busy for a while. She is gorgeous.

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Google translator further reveals that the wordk "petolaj" means "mischievous." (: I feel that we can see a definite mischievous streak in Aurmi's eyes and smile!

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