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  • Eye color: blue
  • Hair color: red
  • Breasts: medium
  • Shaved: trimmed
  • Measurements: 33/24/35
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 104 lbs
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
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I am dancer, i like club music. I started to be erotic model because it is interesting for me and some of my friends told me that it is something sensual and not dirty. My hobby is beach volley. I had some good results when I was in school. maybe some day I will be a pro. I have pets, both cat and dog. My dream is to live in a World with no violence and wars.

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I recently subscribed to Erotic Beauty for a month and found more excellent galleries featuring our beautiful Ms Anelie. She is simply fantastic. Every one of her photos are pure gold. It is exciting to view her galleries. And it seems like every one of her galleries, even the ones on FemJoy were created by the master wizard, Rylsky. He takes pretty girls and turns them into beautiful women. Then he takes those beautiful women and turns them into gorgeous goddesses.

I have to wonder what Anelie is doing now. Her galleries date back to 2009. I doubt she is still modeling. I wish her much happiness and success in all her future endeavors.

  • 2

I always wondered where this little saying came from "Cute as a button" but that's exactly what Anelie is...................

  • 3

Could not agree more. On which other sites does she appear? I think she is absolutely charming and adorable.

  • 2

MetArt and EroticBeauty links are here, but we will update Anelie here on RA site soon with photos and VIDEOS as well! Stay tuned:)

  • 2

I am watching to see you deliver on these promises – new photo shoots and videos from Anelie would be unbelievably wonderful. You must have a massive back catalogue of photo shoots to be able to continue publishing these models – Anelie must be in her mid-20s at least by now. I am sure that she is equally adorable. She is one of those models who will almost certainly look more attractive as she matures (and equally attractive fully clothed as she is stunningly beautiful naked).

  • 3

Yes, she is special and we was friends from the first day when we meet. I am lucky that she agreed to be my model. And I hope our members feel as lucky too.

I see we have her update in May 2015 schedule. I think it will stay here, no move or delay, it only can be changed by something very urgent. So 99% in May or 100% in June.

  • 2

That is excellent news. It will be wonderful to see Anelie again. She is an adorable little foxy lady. Her photos are absolute treasures.

  • 0

It is my birthday in May and I now have a really special present a look forward to. Every time I look at a photo shoot from Anelie, I appreciate even more the beauty of her lovely rounded body, her exquisite face, delicious smile and sparkling personality. Rylsky – you really are a very lucky guy to meet such a charming young woman.

  • 2

Just let me know your BirthDay and you'll get Anelie's set right in that Day. It's easy if not secret.

  • 4

Anelie, such an adorable sexy little vixen. This wonderful young lady is one of my favorite models. Of course I love her beautiful red hair, but more than that, I think she has such a precious magnetic personality which seems to just radiant through the screen. It seems Anelie posed almost exclusively for Rylsky, but I have found some of her photos which were published on a different network.