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I sure hope this is a sign of Amy's return to modeling. I fear it might be just a case of Rylsky pulling files out of his archives.
More Amy, PLEASE!!

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I think you will find that this set was photographed in the same time and place as her last two MetArt galleries back in 2012. I am afraid this is the last of Amy's photos that Rylsky had on file. I certainly hope I am wrong. I would love to see much more of this beautiful lady.

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I almost can't stand Amy- She's just so cute! Such a lovely young lady and so sexy too.....

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Nice model, but the poses are scrunched and don't show her body except in a few. I hope to see a set that shows her well.

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Couldn't agree more. A few shots of the model standing upright would help a great deal.

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Well well. Look who we have here. What a wonderful surprise. Amy, you beautiful doll, where have you been hiding? Such a darling little sweetheart! Amy was one of those gorgeous young ladies who made me join RA two years ago. I thought we would never see her again. It is a true pleasure to see this true update. Thank you Rylsky.

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She had this marvelous "wet studio" set published way back in 2010 on M-A then three more and then the well dried up. Blonde back then (in some sets) transitioning to red. Can't decide which I like best - but I think it just might be a draw. Cute woman and I really like the choice of the stockings.

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