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Paloma B is the most beautiful girl/woman model on the "porn" networks. I hate to use the word porn, because I have not seen Paloma do any modeling other than solo appearances on almost art-like vs porn sites.

Paloma's face is angelic and tender. Her eyes and smile just seem to say to the viewer, go ahead and enjoy looking at my beauty, I don't mind.

Her early photogrpahic shoots are the most alluring. Her butterfly labia is world famous. Viewing this pink master piece is indeed a rare privledge.

Paloma's breasts are just the right size to make a man go crazy with desire! My God, imagine having those perfect breasts to play with and arouse in you the sexual desire, it would make the weakest among us hard for days! :)

OK, if you cannot tell, I am a super fan of this goddess and have so much addoration for her that no other woman on the net even comes close to replacing her in my dreams.

I hope Paloma will read this some day and if so I would sincerely like to thank her for sharring her outstanding beauty with men and women the world over. How empty my world would be without the images of this goddess to look at when I am in need of imspiration that can only be summoned by such beauty. Thank you Paloma. You are the sweetiest living creature to inhabit this earth! Love you.

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I think that these kind of shots should be a part of your regular series. This make the girls real and fun. Let your fans enjoy this too. When the girls are being girls and not models it is much more fun and interesting. All of the girls I like have this fun spirit and that is what makes them special to me.

Much more of this please.

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Silly girls,Love it!

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Dear members!
Now this set is not available for downloading in zip files, please watch it online as slideshow here.

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Hello! What a nice surprise for the end of the year. You promised not really too much. There really are some very funny photos. It's so much fun .. but the models and the photographer

Keep it up! A Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! Thank you!

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