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What do Sandra Lauver, Chloe, Nedda, Madlen, Jeff Milton and Alice May have in common. Answer: They are Rylskyart's first six Christmas Day models, a very elite sorority of perfectly beautiful young women. The only sorority that is even more elite are the very special ladies had the opportunity to wear the coveted New York Islanders jerseys.

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Merry Christmas to all our friends!

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Much love to everyone at RylskyArt and especially all the lovely ladies!

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Thank you, my friend.

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Executive Summary of Wish.

In 10 – 14, it looks like lovely Alice could hang those decorations on herself with the proper ornament hangers. Then when the action moves outdoors we are treated to some great rear view, butterfly, and full length images. I always appreciate a hair flip. My crème de la crème choice is 41.

Equal thanks to Alice and Rylsky.

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I always enjoy your detailed comments. Thank you!

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