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I love Ms Alice May. She is such a pretty young lady. I do not understand why she is not rated much higher. I love her slender athletic figure.

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Alice gets a 10 from me any day of the week, or year for that matter.....Oh, and the photographer gets some credit too of course, or I wouldn't be here again, and again.

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The rating system let any hater vote as well as any "positive" person. And when we see hater's vote "1 of 10" - it is always change ratings more that any real vote. we just can't change vote system only on 1 site from such big Network.

But I see followers and I see stats of downloads and views. It tells us real situation. Believe me, Alice is top 10 on any site where she was presented (including RylskyArt) based on all real stats, but yes she has some haters. She (and me) don't care about them. Just remember: if you like model - follow her updates, it's 1 single click "+ Add Favorite". Don't think why some people are so hateful to some persons, think about what you like personally. When we don't waste our time for thinking of haters reasons or discuss with them - we have MUCH MORE time for talk to good people and enjoy this life.


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Well said Mr Rylsky. The world is full of people like that. They are miserable and want to make everyone else miserable too. I don’t understand it.

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So, we will never waste our time for this kinda people. Life is so beautiful, and our time to enjoy it soooo limited. Peace!

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I am one of the subscribers who tends to rate Alice's photo shoots slightly lower (normally around 7) because there are other models whose photo shoots give me more aesthetic pleasure and enjoyment. Alice has always been a bit of an enigma to me as, on a purely analytical basis, she has many the attributes that I normally admire, especially red hair and a slender figure. Somehow I find her photo shoots that the wow/personality factor which elevates some models to the top ratings. I can fully appreciate however why other subscribers would rate her more highly than I do. It is all part of life's rich tapestry.

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I enjoy Alice's sets very much. They are fun and playful. She is beautiful. However, as to comparable redheads, it is hard to top Virginia Sun on this site or on MetArt for sheer allurement.

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I never meant members who rated any update or any model from 4 to 10. But when we see "1 of 10" and no 2 no 3 no 4 on some set or model -... you know what it means. this person easily called "hater".

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All of the young ladies are beautiful, each in their own ways. And remember, these are just naughty pictures of pretty girls. There is no need to be too critical. Have fun and enjoy.

There are many monuments to artists all over the world, but no one has ever raised a monument to a critic. Their opinions are just not that important.

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Lovely Alice outdoors on a nice bright day, perfect.

All nice images but for me the interest picked up at 41 through to the end.

Thanks to all.

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Thanks to you too!!!

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