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Alice became a favorite from her first set! I don't even mind the delightful little bush. Trimmed perfectly to my taste. I love her frisky, fun personality and I'm sure that is why you became friends on the first meeting. Alice looks like a girl that everyone would love to call friend and surly the life of the party. It is good news that she has promised to do regular visits with us. She is on my auto 10 list. To bad this is a short set but short is much better than none!

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#21 and 22 are my picks

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This is a great visit from lovely Alice May, too small, but great none the less!

My favorite image is # 2.

Please keep bringing Alice by to visit.

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Dear Neil,
not a baby crib. This place is a part of a gallery of modern artist, he did things "look like" but for different purposes. This is just a sitting place, not for babies at all ...or maybe just for making them?

Be sure, you will see our Alice May here on RA regularly, from 9 to 12 times per year. We also love her and she became our friend right from the first day of meeting.

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That is super news friend Rylsky!

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Our beautiful Ms Alice May, what a precious little sweetheart. I must confess, I am in love with this beautiful young lady. I absolutely adore her petite feminine figure. It will always be a very nice treat to see Alice in a new update. It looks like a baby crib in the room behind Alice. I'm not sure what that is doing there.

Now for the foreign language lesson. As you may know by now, I am teaching myself how to read the Cyrillic alphabet. When I saw the title of today's update "Rubashka", I new it was a Russian word. But I could not recall what it meant. According to Google translator, rubashka is the Russian word for "shirt".

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