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Surely one of THE most beautiful girls to pose nude ever. By my calculation Alexandra is in her early 30's, so this is probably one from the archive, but if you could tempt her out of retirement for a few more nude shoots that would be sensational.

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Lovely Alexandra in a colorful, versatile garment. Out in a field gathering strawberries, I wish I was with her.

What was the helicopter doing buzzing the photo session?

Thanks for this bright, sunny reminder of what summer holds for us.

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What was the helicopter ------
We called them to make more lighting options

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Interesting. That must have been expensive, I hope you shot more galleries to spread the costs around.

Neat website on the part (boom?) heading towards the rear rotor. I think I see R A in the call letters.

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With her sweet and sunny smile and lovely face, I fall in love with Alexandra all over again every time she makes one of her rare appearances. Checkers has got it right – wherever she is I hope she is enjoying life and it would be great if she could know how much pleasure she continues to give us. Thanks Rylsky for this blast from the past.

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Alexandra's one of my all-time favorites. I'm glad to see there's still more content to savor, and savor it I will. Wherever she is now, I hope she's happy, doing well, and when she looks back, proud of her modeling work here and on MET.

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