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    Again, I'm surprised how different you can be. Actually, it is always the same wonderful, fascinating and perfectly shaped body with the face of an angel and an incredibly present aura that immediately captivates the viewer. But...
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World Cup 2018!
Hi Everyone:
I don't know much about football, but I enjoy watching it.
Do you like and watch football?
Do you have a team that you think will win the World Cup 2018?
BaggyPants (member of RylskyArt.com)


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July 15

Croatia 3 vs France 2

Lots of story lines here. The pundits choose France. Some even think they have the best team ever assembled. Will Modric go home to face potential jail time or live his life in exile (my conjecture)? Is Henry a traitor for coaching in some capacity for Croatia? I don't like France ever since his hand ball against Ireland. Lots of Croats play in Italy, what will they think about Ronaldo signing with Juventus? I am ready for David slays Goliath v 2.

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It's too bad it didn't turn out this way, but Croatia gained a lot of respect.

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July 14

Belgium 2, England 0

Many of the players on each team know and play against each in the BPL. Belgium has more threats than does England. Harry can't do it on his own.

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July 10

France 1 vs Belgium2
It will be very interesting to see the results. They are neighbors, France is large ~ Belgium is small, the pundits say France is the favorite, I say David slays Goliath # 2.

July 11

Croatia 2 vs England1
Modric et al are very good in mid field, Vardy missed training, Croatia kept Messi from getting the ball ~ expect England to have trouble getting the ball to Harry. I don't know the Croatian goalie but the English one looks calm and collected.

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My heart belongs to England today, even if you remember I named Croatia as 1 of 2 favorites after 2 games in Group stage. I booked seats in English Pub and I hope to see 2-1 win by England.

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Are you going to have fish and chips with your beer?

I guess I should cheer for England also.

Lets see a good game, with no blown saves and decided before a shoot out.

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yes 100% English style of food :)
But with Irish beer

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Tell me you won't drink that cough syrup called Guinness.

Admittedly I don't drink much beer. I tried Guinness once and did not like it. Molson Canadian with clamato juice is my preference. I tried Stella Artois, no thanks. American beers are mostly swill, I might drink a Corona with a wedge of lime.

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I am sorry, but I like Guinness.

  • 1

You are a brave man!

  • 2

i like Guinness, but then again, I like the taste of cough syrup. I've always likened Guiness to the taste of an ash tray. Yet, it stilll appeals to me. I used to smoke, so the ash tray comparison didn't bother me. I haven't made the time to indulge in the world cup, but did get to see the France/Belgium game. Tournaments are a great format for sports. When elimination in on the line, sporting events increase in excitement. The chance for surprises is also appealing.

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Agreed on all points:)

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France-2 Belgium-2
I believe these teams look equal at this time. France became strong step by step. Belgium - have lost some power of defending , but played good last game. anyway, both teams will score in full time. extra-time+shootout penalties = Belguim's first final game.

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July 7

Sweden 1 vs England 2 ~ Harry gets 2.

Russia 0 vs Croatia 2 ~ Russia is all in on defence. Can Modric and his mates crack the defence? Russia has one tall threat and he is magic.

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FIFA named Russia's defence the bst in this Cup. Very unusual, we lost 2 best defenders before this Cup. Bravo to our coach who had build the wal from new bricks and who used all skills of not the greatest team the right way. This was show team play that we missed for many years. Now all fans here was happy. Best luck to best 4 teams.

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They definitely were all in and committed to defence.

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Sweden-1 England-1 full time

i think this will be penalty kicks drama... i don't want to hurt my friemds, who are belongs to both countries

Croatia never played their best games vs. Russia... I believe this will be 1-0 Russia win

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I remember (watch live on TV) 10 Cups of FIFA. And this one is the best and most spectacular from these tournaments during my life. Bravo to all teams.

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EL LOCO compilation. This guy was the original sweeper keeper, back in the 60s I think. Just watch him making incredible saves, taking penalty kicks, dribbling past center field and lots of crazy stuff.


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July 6

Uruguay 1 vs France 0 ~ Voting with my heart not my head and hoping that Cavini is fit to play.

Belgium 2 vs Brazil 1 ~ Another heart over head. It could happen if Courtois keeps his nerve.

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Uruguay-1 vs France-2 - time to see how best defence coldn't work against young and fast Mbappe & Co. Without Cavani's brilliant skills shown this during Cup - the only chances are corners and free kicks. Suarez without Cavani is not a powerful weapon.
I hope it will be extra time, but anyway, 2-1 win for France.
only France or Brazil looks strong enough to beat Jimenes+Godin wall.

Belgium 2 vs Brazil 1
headers+headers+headers. that's what should help Belgium. for Brazil the chance is slow speed defenders of Belgians. But after Japan, Belguim will fix that problem.

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July 3

Sweden 1 Switzerland 0

Columbia 3 England 1

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Sweden-1 Switzerland-1
(Sweden should win by extra-time-penlties)

Columbia-1 England-2

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I hope all the games finish before a shootout, and that no goalie lets in a softie. Unlike hockey where all playoff games are sudden death, shootouts are a real possibility. It is too cruel to lose in a shootout!

July 2

Brazil 1 Mexico 1 Shootout, anything goes, who will be the hero, who will be the goat?

Belgium 2 Japan 0 Belgium is the last of my pre tournament favorites and that makes me nervous!

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Brazil-1 Mexico-2

Belgium-3 Japan-0

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Spain 2 Russia 0

Croatia 3 Denmark 0

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I was keeping my fingers crossed, that's why no bets from me on Russia's game. Now with this epic win, I can only scream as happiest man here:)

Croatia-2 Denmark-1

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Before the World Cup kicked off two of my favorites for a likely winner were Germany and Spain. Stick a fork in them they are both done! Congrats to Russia, this is their best showing in quite a while.

I still have Belgium. I will have to start giving Uruguay and Croatia some love. Maybe Harry can carry England on his back?

I don't like Neymar's antics but Brazil is looking good. I have not liked France ever since the hand ball against Ireland. Mbappe is playing brilliantly and they have many talented players so they deserve consideration. Dark horse Sweden.

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30 June

Uruguay-0 Portugal-0 full time.
overtime + penalties = Portugal

France-2 Argentina-1

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Uruguay for me still looks as best defending players this Cup. But now I can say they are the best in scoring from nothing. Top class forwards. Bravo. They are ready for final game. Like was 80-90 years ago for Uruguay...

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Uruguay 2 Portugal 0

Argentina 2 France 1

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Thursday June 28

Columbia 2 @ Senegal 0

Poland 1 @ Japan 3

Tunisia 2 @ Panama 0

Belgium 3 @ England 1 Harry can't do it alone, somebody else has to help.

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Columbia-2 Senegal-2
Poland-1 Japan-1

Tunisia-2 Panama-1
Belgium-2 England-1

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Wednesday 27 June

Korea Republic-0 Germany-2
Mexico-1 Sweden-1

Serbia-0 Brazil-2
Switzerland-1 Costa Rica-0

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Germany 2 @ Korea Republic 1 Germany better get it right or they will be disowned.

Sweden 1 @ Mexico 1 A tie is in the cards, Mexico doesn't need a win so will likely rest players.

Brazil 1 @ Serbia 1

Costa Rica 0 @ Switzerland 2

  • 1

What a crazy tournament. Germany out... Mexico lose 0-3... Stay tuned...

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26 Jun 2018

Denmark-1 vs France-2
Australia-1 Peru-1

Nigeria-2 vs Argentina-2
Iceland-1 vs Croatia-1

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France 1 @ Denmark 2 France is everyone's choice. I don't like them ever since the hand ball by Henry.

Peru 2 @ Australia 0

Croatia 2 @ Iceland 1

Argentina 2 @ Nigeria 1 Maradona is cheering for Mexico, I still hope for a miracle for Messi.

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After 2 rounds, as I promised, I have my opinion on top 4 favorites teams here. Who impressed me as a team, by strategy and team work:
1. Belgium
2. Croatia
3. Mexico
4.... Brazil as attacking monsters + Uruguay as defending excellence.

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I was busy gardening at just the wrong time so I didn't see any games. I hope to watch some from now on.

From internet coverage, Belgium, Croatia, and Mexico seem to have caught everyone's favor. Neymar's theatrics seem to turn everyone off, the referees, the video replay officials, fans ~ everyone.

I will wait until I see who makes the final 16 before I start to make meaningful predictions.

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25 Jun 2018

Uruguay-1 Russia-1
Saudi Arabia-0 Egypt-1

Spain-2 Morocco-1
Iran-0 Portugal-0

  • 1

Egypt 3 @ Saudi Arabia 0

Russia 2 @ Uruguay 1

Morocco 0 @ Spain 2

Portugal 1 @ Iran 0

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3rd round - surprises. good for us all!

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Sunday June 24

Panama 0 @ England 2

Senegal 0 @ Japan 3

Columbia 1 @ Poland 0

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Panama-0 England-4 - probably the easiest bet for this round
And these games are the best show today, All these 4 teams are almost equal if you have seen round 1

Group H:die-or-survive-today

Senegal-1 Japan-1
Columbia-1 Poland-2

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Saturday 23 June

Belgium-2 Tunisia-0

Korea Republic-1 Mexico-2

Germany-1 Sweden-0

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Germany vs. Sweden

It was the best game in this Cup for sure. Bravo to both teams. Very bad that referee did 1 big mistake with penalty in 1st half. but anyway: that kinda games - is what made FIFA Cup the great show.

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Hello Rylsky
I fever with the German team. Now on Saturday against Sweden. But I think in the end should win the best team.
All users have already won in Rylsky Art, because the photo of the new model Veronika with the World Cup Ball is true art. Thanks Rylsky! I hope there were more pictures and we will see them in a gallery. Because such an Adidas shirt can give great insights when it's wet.

  • 2

Thank you, You'll see update of FIFA ball with Veronika on 1st week of July . Yes, she will be in Adi Dassler's equipment...
BTW, when I played football for my local Team young years, I was in Rudy's (aka PUMA) Dassler.

Stay tuned :)

For Germany's game against Sweden... I will watch it in SportBar with my guests and students from Sweden. But first of all for me is the show, not support of any team during this game. i hope to see real power of Germany but I also hope to see Sweden at their best.

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Are we the only two who look @ the Sports Forum? Or do others look but not write anything?

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Yes, others look on it, not writing. It's personal choice:)
this is the Clube RA, where any interests could be discussed or you can be silent member who only like to see, not discuss something in public. Sure I got emails and messages in private on our FB page. Every kind of communications is welcome, don't forget RA was the first site inside MA Network with comments. We are proud of it.

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That is good news. After all your efforts to make RylskyArt a great place for members, it is nice that those members at least visit to see all the additional jewels you have created for us.

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I like to make friendship at any possible way. We have success with our RA FB page and we will try to work more with social media this year.
We care about how to be interesting, not everyone want to talk, it's OK, we are open for any way of communicating (with respect only) too. I also don't feel upset if only 2 of us love hockey, who cares if we are happy ? Anyway, everybody welcome to join us crazy snowmans!!!

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Rylsky my friend. A question for you after Argentina's debacle against Croatia.

Are big name club sides better than national teams. For example, I think Barcelona would beat Argentina.

In hockey, I don't think it is the same. I don't think Washington would beat Russia, USA, Canada and maybe more national teams.

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Franz ("Der Kaiser") Beckenbauer said long time ago that club tournaments are always more important, more biz-oriented and succeed because of no limits to create teams and because you training together for months and YEARS, not for weeks and not with only your country citizens. I do agree that this makes sense.

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Friday June 22

Costa Rica 0 @ Brazil 1

Iceland 1 @ Nigeria 1

Switzerland 2 @ Serbia 1

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very strange to see all South American teams are not - ready or half-ready during 2 rounds. Lazy millionaires? or I have no idea why such great players are not playing as good classic 11-men-orchestra this Cup. Sad but true. Or they have round 3 and playoffs to change this. But now it hurts to watch

  • 1

I have to sneak in a few hockey items for you and me.

Lou L is going all in to try to convince John T to stay. He hired Trotz to coach, stay tuned maybe more news @ tomorrow's draft.

Barzal was a very deserved winner of the Rookie of The Year.

For me, Connor was voted the outstanding player in the NHL by the players, plus he was given the trophy for scoring champion.

I am all in a dither wondering what 2018 - 2019 holds for the Oilers. More disappointment, they find or trade for a defenceman or two, Connor carries them and drags some better performance out of some young players?

  • 2

I promise we will start hockey page in September to talk all the things :)
finally it looks like Isles prepare for bring back the Dynasty era with new management. this week is like dream come true for Isles fan.

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June 22

Brazil-2 Costa Rica-0
Nigeria-0 Iceland-1
Serbia-1 Switzerland-1

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Thursday June 21

Australia 0 @ Denmark 2

Peru 1 @ France 1 Pulling with my heart not my head.

Croatia 1 @ Argentina 2

  • 0

Australia-1 Denmark-1

Peru-1 France-2

Croatia-1 Argentina-1

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Wednesday June 20

Morocco 0 @ Portugal 3

Saudi Arabia 0 @ Uruguay 2

Spain 3 @ Iran 1

  • 0

Morocco-1 Portugal-2

Saudi Arabia-0 Uruguay-3

Spain-2 Iran-0

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Tuesday June 18

Japan 0 @ Columbia 2

Senegal 2 @ Poland 1

Egypt 1 @ Russia 2

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Japan is another great example of Team Spirit and they played like solid army with all strong sides used (and all weaknesses of bigger Colombian Team was used as well). Just great that we have seen so many SAME examples in round 1: fight like 1 team, from the start till the final minute. No matter what contract you have outside this team.

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Japan-1 Columbia-2

Senegal-0 Poland-1

Egypt-0 Russia-1

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Day 5. June 18

Sweden-1 Korea Republic-0

Belgium-4 Panama-0

Tunisia-0 England-2

  • 0

Korea Republic 0 @ Sweden 2

Panama 0

Korea Republic 1 @ Sweden 2

Panama 0 @ Belgium 3 If they make the cut to the later rounds Belgium could be a favorite.

England 1 @ Tunisia 1

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Belgium is of course 1 of favorites in my opinion. Best generation in their history, all lines with 1-2 stars.
the only thing they need (see Iceland as example) is to became 1 TEAM, not the exibition of 10 alome stars without coaching what to do TOGETHER.

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Day 4 Sunday June 17

Serbia 2 @ Costa Rica 0

Mexico 1 @ Germany 3

Switzerland 1 @ Brazil 3

  • 0

Serbia-1 Costa Rica-0
Mexico-0 Germany-2
Switzerland-0 Brazil-0

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Day 3 Saturday June 16

Australia 0 @ France 3

Iceland 1 @ Argentina 2

Denmark 2 @ Peru 2

Nigeria 2 @ Croatia 1

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Day 3. Saturday 16 June

Group C
France-2 Australia-0
Peru-1 Denmark-2

Group D
Argentina-1 Iceland-1
Croatia-1 Nigeria-0

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Friday June 15: I missed the first two games, late winning and heartbreaking goals.

My most anticipated match with all the drama and bad words about Spain replacing the coach.

Spain 2 Portugal 1

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drama at it's best:
all games - goal in final 5 minutes of match. all goals after free kicks or corners. we call it "after standards"
casino at it's classic best

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Day 2. Friday 15 June

Group A
Egypt-1 Uruguay-3

Group B
Morocco-0 Iran-1
Portugal-1 Spain-1

  • 0

Day 1 Game 1
Russia vs/ Saudi Arabia. 2 Oil-Petrol Empires...
I say Russia-2 Saudi Arabia-0

  • 1

Yes, my friend, I like it very much, I also played for my school team as a midfielder and forward :)
Yes. I like to watch it now.

Who could win the World Cup? 1 day before they start?

usually it takes 2 rounds (for me) to taste how any team look ready "right here right now", not based on memories and prices for "stars".

with all basic problems and injuries it will be visible on the pitch face to face.

So anybody who could say it right now is the lucky dirty gambler at 100%. after 2 rounds it will be only 50% of luck and 10+ % of wise reasonable thoughts.

let the show begin!

And for new season we will start new NHL blog page on RA in October.

Just stay tuned!