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  • BaggyPants: Well done Sir!

    I hope we are favored with many more visits from lovely Itza.
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  • billiyboy: Sadly this young lady with her unsmiling demeanour reminds me too much of a couple of Russian girls I met some years ago. They seemed to be going through the motions of life rather than actively participating and this is the feeling I get from this... view comment
  • billiyboy: Very nice video from yet another Ukrainian beauty. What is it about Ukraine that there are so many beautiful women there? view comment
  • BaggyPants: Slow and slinky, I like that. I also like when lovely Malinda removes her panties.

    I don't much like the shoes ~ young women seem to like shoes like that though. I will say that they make Malinda's superb legs look even better.
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  • Ruthless1666: another 10 for the site ...thanks she is a keeper for sure ..very comfortable and that little tight body is perfect ...keep these types coming please view comment
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