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  • BaggyPants: One thing about the Backstage Volumes is that the models usually seem to be having fun.

    If I had a passport I would apply to hold reflectors, direct water flow from shower nozzles, anything to see our host @ work with his lovely models...
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  • loosebruce2: Tasha's beauty is well captured here. I'm especially fond of the closeups in the last two pages, which bring out a desire to converse and kiss with her. Does it sound odd to say "converse"? I ask because I don't read that word in comments sections very... view comment
  • BaggyPants: Thanks very much for this brilliant visit from lovely Tasha.

    I love her hair in the single plait and of course any sighting of her world class derriere is a treat.
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  • BaggyPants: It is great to see Daisy again, especially when she is looking so nice.

    Her hair and eyes really resonate with me today.
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  • J F Willy: Vittoria is a stunningly beautiful woman! One of my all time favorites! view comment
Creativity In Erotic Photography. Your Thoughts?
We often hear that people want to see creativity in erotic photosets, and unusual story. But what does it mean to you personally in erotic art? Or (maybe) creativity is not needed, but instead you want simply photos and beauty of the models and a variety of poses, locations, dresses?  We don't think it is about that. So what is creativity then? What is "creativity" FOR YOU personally? What ideas you missed or dreaming about? What could surprises you now in erotica?
Share your thoughts here - and we will try to better understand your wishes (desires), make our content more and more interesting than before.
Rylsky Team


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I just joined today and came across this blog post, and even though its from 2 months ago I thought I would go ahead and add my 2 cents on the chance you might still see this. Ok, any set that strikes me as "creative" will always have some aspect of it that is unexpected and catches my eye. It can be very small or even seemingly irrelevant. And it doesn't have to have anything at all to do with the model. A clock on the wall showing us the passage of time. A piece of art in the set that doesn't seem to belong but may have some secret meaning. A book the model is reading or has nearby. An unusual or striking article of clothing. A pair of eyeglasses. You recently did a marvelous set with Nikia where the black heels suddenly were an important part of the set. These things don't necessarily have to be the focus, but their inclusion diverts the eye, possibly even subconsciously, and adds to the viewer's experience. Thank you for the chance to express my thoughts, happy to be a new member at RylskyArt.

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Dear Gassmeyer, I am happy that we have you here as a new member. Let it be a start of many years friendship.

Very interesting comment!

Sure, I see every blog comment even if it's from 2012's post.
Also I watch and try to answer any question if it was written anywhere under any gallery on RA.

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Maybe I am the odd one out here: I do not look at photography in the way - I guess - the average viewer does.
For me light, make-up, all the extra's are totally unnecessary. I look at pose and composition. And even more: at what I can do with that. I am illustrator painter by profession and used to photograph quite a few models myself. When Internet came, for me it also became easier. Others were doing the photography for me, I could concentrate more on drawing.
So, what I usually do is just look how a girl "feels" to me. My absolute favourite here is Mireille. There is something about her that appeals, not only the body or smile. Sometimes a girl has that little extra, what makes her stand out from all the others. The extra you can only feel and not define.
This then inspires to start create whole new works of my own.
Of course, you work is quality, you are absolutely very good at what you do. So what I would occassionally like to see is how you prepare. How visagists start the make up. And I like a bit of different locations. For instance, I used one of your photos to make Mireille pose with dinosaur bones. I would love to see something like that as actual photo. I think we already saw enough "model on a hotel room bed", don't you agree?

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Very interesting, thank you and welcome to RA Club!

some thoughts and answers:

- my least favorite location for shooting is bed in bedroom. try to see % of this type from me. at the same time people like it because it is inside their vision : anaked girl+bedroom is very easy to feel as comfortable area and it's 100% place for everyone to make love. I know nobody who didn't do it there:) that's why creativity and comfort looking place is very important for USUAL MEMBERS and almost boring for any photographer if he trying to enjoy, not only make money.

- yes, preparations and backstages are my VERY favorites. and you'll see it here again and again.


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I’ve been thinking quite a lot recently about your topic and how best to create truly erotic photography. For me, the task of the talented photographer is to portray the model in such a manner as to reveal her true beauty, which is a combination of her physical attributes and her personality. It is best when the model is totally relaxed and clearly enjoying herself. The female figure, whether fully clothed or completely naked, is one of the most wonderful, exciting and beautiful things in this rich world and is the source of one of my greatest pleasures in life.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary erotic is defined as “of or pertaining to the passion of love; concerned with or treating of love” and this is what I feel when looking at a lovely woman. It is as much a matter of aesthetic pleasure as of sexual arousal and I am quite happy just looking at the full-length female form as the intimate details of the female genitalia. Although I appreciate some overtly sexual views, they are not entirely necessary to my satisfaction.
I have been fortunate to know a number of women of several races and a variety of ages and shapes who have been totally relaxed and self-confident walking around completely naked both indoors and outdoors, especially when the weather encourages the latter. These have been some of the most intensely pleasurable experiences I have had and normally led to further intimacy.
Rylsky, you have provided me with some of my favourite erotic photographic experiences of recent years with probably the best being Rivera – an outdoor photo shoot featuring Anelie. Although containing only 48 photos, each frame is a total joy as Anelie is clearly having a lot of fun for our delectation. (Do you have a video of this session?) Your photo shoots with other models achieve a similar level of creativity and pleasure, in particular amongst my favourites are photo shoots/videos featuring Zelda and Norma Joel, both of whom are blessed with bright and bubbly personalities. An old favourite of mine, who you photographed later in her career, was Dariya who had both a quirky personality, plenty of attitude and lovely body which I enjoyed seeing develop over a number of years. A more recent model on MetArt, who I love and who you have not yet photographed, is Emma Sweet who has a really mischievous and fun loving personality and clearly enjoys performing for the camera both clothed and fully naked. I would love to see what magic you would create with this young woman for our enjoyment.
Keep up the good work Rylsky but please humour those of your subscribers who, in addition to the open crotch views, greatly value and enjoy full-length shots of models from the front, back and side which display the female shape at its finest. My fantasy would be an outdoors video beginning with the model fully clothed and first walking and then running towards us, away from us and then across (i.e. sideways across the lens). To see the female form gracefully in motion only adds to the erotic and aesthetic pleasure.

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Thank you. I will read this article many times before answer :)

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Have you finished thinking about it and decided how to answer my comments?

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One of the things that is important to me, with respect to the representations and the models, is that there is some expression of emotion and of personality... it is not necessarily the true personality or emotion of the model--it is the emotional expression of the fantasy that the set represents.... the story (if there is one) being told by the set or the single photo.

Novelty is often confused with creativity or the use of strange/exotic locations/sets/costuming. These things can add or enhance, but they are not necessarily creative.

Creativity is taking the mundane.... and having it seem to be not mundane. It is evoking or showing the power, emotion or beauty that is there, that we have often stopped seeing.

Within the context of erotica, I want to be captured by both the beauty and sensuality of the model (both, of course, very subjective) but I also want to be told a story... or at least be given sufficient material to ignite or inspire a story that is inspired by the images.

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It makes sense, and you are welcome!

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Well said, Koso. (:

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Personally I would like to see more outdoor work like we used to have here and on MA. There used to be some outdoor work on most sets. Not necessarily nude but photos of the girls in street clothes, shopping, walking in the park or around town so we can see the girls as they really are every day. For some reason that has all gone away. IMHO we don't need to see a model naked on the first shot nor even the tenth. I like a lead in and a strip. I love watching the girls putting on makeup or painting their toes, trying on clothes and normal girly things that they normally do. MA has become a place where naked is the way sets start out. For me that says lazy. The artist just wants to crank out the sets and not try to be creative.

You have the nude side down pat. That is why we like your work. But it always seems like you are rushed to get a model nude and down to the basics rather than creating a story line and getting us involved.

Not trying to be harsh just voicing the things that I think we are missing out on.

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Very good! Thank you!

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I have been thinking about this blog for several days now. I am not sure what I can add to the conversation. I think you are the most creative and innovative artist on the MetArt network. I like Catherine's work, but I must admit that she really not very creative. Her locations are limited to a small apartment. This certainly limits her creativity.

You offer a wide variety of locations and styles like:

1. Those wet studio shoots. I don't think any other artist has anything like that. Loreen's gallery "Droplets" and Gillian's update "Naturain" are fantastic.

2. Those single-color blank screen shoots. So many of your best models have posed in front of these screens. Those sets are not my favorite, but they do isolate and highlight the model's beautiful figure.

3. Those shoots with the colorful stage background curtains. They have a charming fantasy feel.

4. You seem to have a wide variety of constructed stages inside a large building. I didn't know who builds those stages for you, but I don't think any other artist on MetArt has anything like that.

5. My favorite part of the Kingdom of Rylsky Land. Rich elegant and fascinating interior locations like the white and gold room, that wooden building where Chandra's three MetArt galleries were shot, and the place where Zelda's most recent MetArt gallery was shot. A beautiful young woman posing in an elegant room like a princess, what could be better?

6. Wonderful outdoors locations like the lovely garden where I fell in love with Rochelle, or the Black Sea beach where Ifell love with Nomi. You seem to travel all over Russia to find beautiful and int locations. Now it seems you are traveling beyond Russia to find even more.

One of the most creative gallery I ever saw was about three years ago. I don't recall what it was titled, but it featured Loreen, with fire in the wet studio. It was criticized, but that doesn't.

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Neil, thank you very much.

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Compare Taissia in her update "Lizertizer" and Nikia in "Concerto". Two completely different kinds of erotica, as different as heavy metal and a Beethoven. Both updates created by Rylsky. Two beautiful women as different as night and day. That is variety. That is creativity.

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Not about this. We mostly want to understand what is CREATIVITY INSIDE ONE SINGLE SET. That is the case now. Please say about it.

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How about Nikia's MetArt gallery "Pleven", published on MetArt on 2 March 2015. Nikia posing on an old tattered chair in what looks like a musty old attic. Very unique and unusual. I don't recall seeing anything like that by any other artist. That is variety. Some members may like it. Some people might hate it. But most of us realize that Rylsky probably will have something new and different in each new update or gallery. After all, even the very best erotic model has a limited number of poses. She has a limited number of joints and those joints bend in a limited number of ways. And I think all female bodies look pretty much the same. So, the variety must come from the new and different wardrobe and locations. That is creativity.

The MetArt photographer Erik Latika and his muse Melina D have worked together for a long time and have produced many unique and unusual galleries. I am not a fan of most of their work, but I must admit that they have pushed the envelope with some strange art.

Without creativity, you are a craftsman, not an artist. A craftsman produces many copies of the same well made product. An artist produces the new, the unusual, the different. Remember, that which we call art is the residue left behind by the artist while he searches for perfection. I suspect that if Rylsky ever came to believe that he had created the perfect gallery, he would lay down his camera and try his hand as a sculptor. :)

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Rylsky, I think you face a fascinating challenge as a photographer. On the one hand, you produce a product for a fairly diverse set of customers, all of whom have their own preferences, and yet who all love your particular style. On the other hand, you are a photographer, which means you have an artistic side and your work has to satisfy the demands of your artistic side as well, otherwise your work will become stale and joyless and not worth selling. If you don't regularly try new experimental things, you will settle into a formula, and I think we've all seen sites where they shoot by formula. There's no joy, no spontaneity, the models don't enjoy themselves and the work is not truly memorable in any way.

As a commercial photographer, then, you have to walk a balance between satisfying your customers' desires and demands, while simultaneously satisfying your inner artist and preventing your work from becoming stale and formulaic and joyless.

What the ideal solution is, I do not know, but I think you are on the right track by asking your customers what we want. Some of us are possibly going to come up with ideas that intrigue you or things you haven't tried before and you can explore these new ideas and what it means to be a creative erotic photographer.

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Yes, thank you, it makes sense. But I want your personal opinion : WHAT do you think is CREATIVE for erotica. Please inform me what was creative-looking and memorable for you personally in (let's say) 2-3 years in erotic photography? Please don't say hairstyle, tattoos or locations. I mean scenery and (maybe) something else.

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Ha ha! Trying to pin me down, are you, Rylsky? Very good. I'm going to have to give this some thought. Mind you, I might not necessarily personally feel that "creative" and "erotica" are always synonymous...

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My VERY first thought is, individualize the sets to the model. When you start working with a model ~ and I think you probably already do this, Rylsky ~ when you start working with a model, get a feel for her personality and try to come up with a theme that she both feels comfortable with and also feels expresses something about herself.

I've seen some photographers take a model who looks very "girl next door" and put her into a very adult, glamorous setting, and completely miss the mark. Likewise, I've seen other photographers who clearly understood that that model is a very "girl next door" model and who focused on that, and did brilliantly with her. So it's largely a matter (I think) of getting a feel for the model and coming up with an idea that FITS her in a special way.

I'll also echo Hipshot that sets that start out naked and end naked and have a naked middle also strike me as lazy and assembly line and unimaginative and uncreative. Mind you, I'm not saying that ALL "ANATT" ("All Naked All The Time") sets are uncreative, but it's MUCH harder to be creative when you start with a model who's already naked. Sets that appeal to me tend to have the model starting out in some kind of costume or outfit and gradually revealing herself to us in an interesting way.

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I love to talk and discussing this way. You made my day, FR!

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I'll give you some examples of galleries I find creative ~ by another artist, but I think you'll see the common threads. All are fun, all seem to be spontaneous, all show the model at HER best showing HER personality, all are provocative and undeniably erotic, while still being ~ I'll say it again ~ fun. (:






The single best thing about all these sets, I think, is that they so clearly show and are energized by the MODEL's personality.

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I think the "fun" element trumps the "creative" element... whatever the model looks like she's having fun doing is worth just as much to me as is "creativity." If it's her personality and her story being told, and she's enjoying telling it, that will pass the test for me.

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Creativity can be very simple with an expressive model. When the model is the subject, you don't have to go far from the ordinary. However, when you do place the model in an unusual setting, a wider set of possibilities become available. The focus can even shift away from the model to something being expressed by the photogragphs themselves. I personally like surreal scenes snd settings. I like it when the model is a part of the work itself and not the sole subject of the work. Then again, I like it when her body is the artwork or even more specifically when the erotic parts of her body are the focus and become the artwork. A lot can be done with lighting and technology deliver fresh vision to common body parts. I don't expect a sole artist to go very far from what has become that artist's signature, but I would not be discouraged if the artist tried different approaches. Explore away! Lastly, use Nikia as your model as often as you want. I would never complain about that!

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Thank you for so detailed comment, my friend!

As for Nikia - you'll see her here for 2+ years to come monthly. And I also hope she will be our blogger again .

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This is what I like about you, Rylsky. You are by far the most creative photographer in the MetArt universe, and yet, you're seeking input and advice from your friends and members to make your work better. My advice? Just keep doing what you are doing.

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But what about "creativity" as you see it in erotica? This is the case and THE QUESTION. I wanna know it from every member here.

Sure it's impossible to ask everybody to write and to talk, we see only 1 of 100 members write anything, but his is their choice to be silent.