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  • unknown_commenter: A wonderful set! view comment
  • JOHANNES BLT: Alice May, you just exude sunshine and cuteness, and your nipples, well, they're just outstanding! view comment
  • InWinter: Yes, 41. And 10 also. view comment
  • Ruthless1666: This right here is exactly what they mean when they say " gods gift to man"!!! absoltly stunning and perfect in every way.beautiful face , nice breast and the most picture perfect pink palace i do believe ive ever scene.thank you for making this video... view comment
  • Adam: The reason I joined your site is because of Irina B. She is absolute breathtaking and beautiful! I love that little grin/smirk she does!!! Please do more photoshoots of her. As she gets older she gets more beautiful! view comment
Your favorites list.

Dear RylskyArt Members!


Here is an idea that a Rylsky Art member BaggyPants and I have been discussing.

The idea is that all members are encouraged to submit a list and description of your five favorite Rylsky Art images or videos.

The goal is that Rylsky Art will continue to publish galleries and videos that members appreciate. I have many galleries and videos ready to publish. Who knows, maybe in the future, you will see images or videos that you identified as your favorites. Remember, we listen to you!

Some suggestions:

1. If English is not your first language, don't be shy! Google Translate and other translation services are available. Make your list in the language you are most comfortable with, or English. Either way, we will do our best to work with your list.


2. If you don't have five in your list, submit your list anyway.


3. Was there one image in a gallery that stood out so much that you saved it only, or made it your desktop wallpaper. Those are the images we want to identify.


4. You might not even have an image to list, but one that you would like to see, let us know. One member has mentioned that they would like to see models in silhouette. If that can be worked into a shoot, I will try.


5. Location, color of background, and more are all parts of a pleasing image. The emphasis here is on lovely ladies and images where they really shine.


6. The same emphasis on the model, and why she is appealing, in her videos is suggested.





We know that you have an option called "add to favorites" in your member's personal menu. But it was always private, only you could see this and it's your choice to keep this always private. Also we have page of TOP VOTED single sets, photos, videos. But it's also not personalized and we know that nobody voted for all the photos or sets/vids and models on this site. 



All the best,



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Here is my very personal favourites list.

Favourite videos:
1. Anelie – Berolosta. My all-time favourite model in a wonderfully playful and adorable mood. A rare and priceless gem which is worth a year’s subscription to Rylsky Art in itself. (Only criticism – it is far too short, particularly of her fully nude at the end.)
2. Zelda – Bona. Always on my top 10 models list, it is wonderful to see the lovely Zelda enjoying herself in the pool. She has one of the most radiant and ravishing smiles on the MetArt network but, in this video, she shows that she shines even more brightly when she is laughing. (This video is even better than the corresponding photo shoot.)

Favourite gallery/images:
I. Anelie – Rivera. An enchanting summer’s afternoon by the river with my dream girl! Sheer fantasy. Although not the most conventionally beautiful model that Rylsky has photographed, she is IMO the most attractive! To pick out just a few of my favourite images from this photo shoot:
• shot 1 looking absolutely charming in a sun hat and summer dress. (Why didn’t we see more of both?)
• shot 14 in which she has never looked prettier and we see the full glory of her slender body
• shot 26 raising her face in the sunlight
• shot 38 with one of the quizzical looks that made her so special.
II. Orabelle Koivu – Sangyssa. Another redhead! It is difficult to pick a favourite gallery for Orabelle because they are all so short. (Fortunately the three galleries on Met Art are all 120+ photos) I have picked is Gary as it contains some wonderful fully shot of the delightful Orabelle. In particular:
• shot 14 in which we get plenty of attitude
• shot 16 in which by contrast she looks very coy
• shots 40 and 41 which are two of the most erotic photos of any model. The girl bending over and looking backwards at as/the camera is always a winner. Even better would be a shot of the girl looking backwards at as between her spread legs – something I have never seen on this network.

III. Norma Joel – Esemy. Again difficult to pick the best gallery of Norma Joel as all of them are good but the knockout images are well spread about. From this gallery, my favourite images would be:
• 52 which is beautifully posed
• shot 66 which looks like great fun
• shots 68 and 69 surprise surprise! (See comment above)
IV. Darya Zavats (who appears as Dariya A on MetArt). I mention this model, one of my first favourites, as I have enjoyed watching her develop from a pretty, very slim young brunette in 2006 to a more mature beauty with red hair and a curvier and more womanly figure in 2013. After working with a number of photographers, the master shot her final five appearances between 2012 – 2013. She has never appeared on Rylsky Art but perhaps, if Rylsky has a few extra shoots hidden in his capacious archive, this omission could be rectified?

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I have been home and after much hassle got back on the site. I am too old and sick to do much,so I will just say anything with night A or Jeff Milton is good fo rme,I am sorry not to write more,they deserve it.

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I don't have a list of specific images, but I can tell you what makes, for me, a special image or set of images.

Using Mireille's last set "Revoirs" as an example, what I love about this set (and not only because for me Mireille is the supreme beauty from any of the sites - which is not to say anything at all against any of the gorgeous women who show themselves so generously) is that we first see Mireille fully clothed in a lovely dress, and then of course she gradually reveals her body. Not in the way of a striptease, but in a way that seems relatively natural.
The setting is homely, it gives me the feeling I've been invited home by the most beautiful women I've ever met.

In Revoirs and other sets of Mireille (along with those of other lovely models) you take her face very much into account. There are some heartstoppingly lovely shots of Mireille's face, and this deepens enjoyment of the images over all.

In this and other sets, the sense that the model is wearing clothes she would normally wear (or at least this is the illusion given), and that we see this first and then see her revealing herself is very appealing.

Evita's latest set, where she is revealing just peeks of her loveliness is fabulous. To see Evita in a pretty frock gives her revelations all the
more impact.
And Evita's set before this one gives an example of what also appeals to me in a set, which is that the model looks comforatble. A big bed with white sheets, a model draping herself over a comfortable looking bed or couch or rug, to me is much more allurng than a model perched on a windowsill or on top of a cupboard or some other hard surface.

Having stated this, there are of course exceptions. Some of the watery sets you do are fabulous, as are some of the ones with drapings. But my favourite sets and images are usually ones which have the qualities I have written above. Perhaps this marks me as being conservative in my tastes!

Thank you for all your wonderful work and thank you to the models, they are all generous beauties.

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It was very useful to read, thank you very much! I really appreciate it.

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Just keep doing what you do best. You know what I like. Show us beautiful young women in rich, elegant and grand locations. Show us new visually interesting rooms and grand exterior locations. Show us the models in that lovely garden where l fell in love with Rochelle. I would like to see more of that wooden log house where I fell in love with Chandra. Show us more of the wet studio shoots where I fell in love with Gillian and Kiara. And of course, show us more of the white and gold room where I fell in love with Orabelle and Nikia. RylskyArt keeps getting better and better. Just keep doing your magic.

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I wonder if there was some way we could sort and index the updates by locations and settings. I would like to search for all updates shot in the same particular location. I do not necessarily want to know the name and address of the locations. Perhaps each specific location could be assigned a code number so we could search for that identifying number. The white and gold room could be coded #001. The wet studio could be #002. Et cetera. Just a suggestion. :)

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That's how "user tags" could be used!

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I considered using the "user tags" for this purpose, but it is a major project and it does not really work. I would like to be able to use the "advanced search" feature to search for specific locations. Maybe the support staff could add this capability to the site. Just a suggestion. As I have said many times, all of the models are absolutely beautiful. It is impossible to rate and rank them. So I think the difference between the updates is the many rich and elegant locations and settings that you use.

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I can't possibly narrow it down to five, so I'll cheat shamelessly and make it five videos and five photographs. So shoot me.

In no particular order, starting with videos:

- Janelle and Taissia, "Wanna." Why? If you've got to ask, you'll never know, as Louis Armstrong would say. Favorite image: Taissia driving Janelle mad, and gloating at the effect she's having.

- Vittoria Amada, "Mamecu." Vittoria looks so beautiful and graceful in this, but so open and real. Favorite image: Vittoria starting to make a dramatic entrance, and the gate's getting stuck, and her charming expression when it does. It sets the tone for the video -- warmth and a love for the way people actually are, as opposed to surfaces and chilly perfection. Vittoria, if anybody, could have stuck to looking perfect, and it's wonderful she hasn't.

- Rina, "Das Model." Rina ordinarily looks so serious in her photographs, and here she shows another side, girlish and happy. Favorite image: well, a lot, really, but especially Rina laughing, or the humorous, self-deprecating looks she gives sometimes.

- Sandra Lauver, "Kedvteles." I suppose it will sound odd, but one of my first thoughts was that some women worry about how their genitalia come across, and if they could only see this, they'd realize how beautiful they are. This is gorgeous. Favorite image: Sandra's flesh glistening like a jewel as she strokes it.

- Alexandra, "Club Life." This is ingenious and fun, but not only ingenious, because it brings out Alexandra's personality perfectly. It must have taken a lot of work to get right. Favorite image: any of the ones in which Alexandra is relating to herself.

Oops, no room left to mention Jeff's "Yes, I am!", or ...

As for photographs, it's impossible to choose five, and it would drive me crazy to be too considered about it, so I'll be completely arbitrary, and just list some nice images at random.

- Guerlain and Irina J, "Play Again" cover photograph. Guerlain's face as their hips touch really makes the photo, but it wouldn't work unless she had Irina's expression to play against. That in itself makes it sexier, because it shows their chemistry. I don't know how well the reference will translate, but in a way it reminds of the modern revivals of burlesque shows.

- Erica, "Gefirare," the cover photograph. The cover, but any of the rest of the set would do. I love black and white photography in itself, but this isn't B&W for its own sake, but a tool that's well chosen to bring out something about Erica. Here she projects the sense of a femme fatale: adult, irresistible, and probably dangerous to know, not that it's going to stop you.

- Any of the Backstage sets.

- Any of the photographs in which a woman relates to another woman who's outside the frame. They're imaginative and very sexy. (I don't, however, mean to exclude pictures where the other woman is inside the frame, such as "Softouch," which are always a treat.)

- The photograph used for Kei's first blog entry. There seems to be such incredible warmth between Kei and her photographer, and that's Kei in a nutshell: warm, intelligent, and generous.

I feel as if I've just completed one of Evita's questionnaires, and am about to learn what kind of personality I have. Hopefully not ... Though thinking of Evita reminds me of how very much you have to leave out when you make a list like this.

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Not only list of titles. I love it!
I am speechless after reading this. This is story about you. And what a story about your point of view! I think I feel like I know you 100 times better now.
Thank you very much!