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  • Vincent Barrett: Wow, great news !
    Let's hope it'll be closer to 5 for this year and to 10 for 2019, seems I'll never get tired of her...
    As William Blake wrote :

    Some are Born to sweet delight,
    Some are Born to Endless Night. view comment
  • Rylsky: Dear Vincent,

    I promise 3-5 more updates this year, 5-10 for 2019. Could be videos as well.
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  • Vincent Barrett: Dear Rylsky,
    I guess I have the same question loosebruce2 asked about Nikia's update's ratio. What ratio should we expect with Night on RA ?
    Cheers & thank you for all this huge & great content !
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  • Rylsky: Hi, my friend

    I only could be sure about RA and you know my promises here. I have no idea about Network content managers who decide what's going online on all their sites.

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  • loosebruce2: Hello Mr. Rylsky. I'm curious about something. Over the years throughout the MetArt network, Nikia sets have shown up at a ratio of about 3 to 4 per month. Last year, it went up to 5 per month, which made 2017 one of her greatest years! Now I'm seeing... view comment
1st ULTRA HD video on RylskyArt!
Are you ready for the new generation of video quality?
I am happy to announce the first Ultra HD video on MetArt Network coming up on  Sunday, Feb 8th, 2015 on RylskyArt.com
Let's get ready for something spectacular, dear members. We made it for You!


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TY! I love the new resolution!

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Yes, we will make more videos for RA members in 4k