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  • rock
  • 12 months ago
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I can't imagine the "regulars" not commenting here, but to each his own...
Personally I can't help but comment on this very attractive girl that I have just discovered...and fallen in love with!! Zia is an amazing girl. The great thing about "natural" blondes is that some of them are virtually free of hair around their vulva and perineum/anal area, naturally. Saves a lot of shaving! I believe this is the case with Zia...her "jewels" are simply divine!! And they just don't come any cuter!! I'm enjoying this Zia very much!

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An excellent set, very beautifully done and I appreciate the variety your shoots offer, Rylsky. Your creativity and the models beauty and openness come together in a wonderful arrangement that is memorable for me and every set. Thank you Rylsky to you and all your beautiful models. I sincerely appreciate your philosophy and your beautiful work.

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New to this site. Comments:- Was expecting the sets on the whole site to be rather more revealing. Even models who have previously done more revealing shoots before elsewhere seem coy on this site. Overall there are not anywhere enough closeups. More important though are that the sets are far far to short.

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Thank you for joining this site and for your comment!

1. "Ladies first". It means that I will never ask model do the things she do not want do by herself. If she dislike more or less closeups, touching or something else - she will feel comfortable anyway.I am not dictator. Friends must do all the things this way to stay friends. I hope you see we are friends and we share these beauties + their friendly mood with you. We just see the votes and make decisions.

2. Please look at signup page and see what was promised: "UPDATES 15 TIMES PER MONTH" - fact: you have 20+ updates mainly 50-70 photos per set...
It is the same as you see 100 and more pics (per set) if we choose 15 updates per month (+ we have 2 videos per month).
But be sure: these photos was chosen as the best from set, sorted checked. And you have MORE models because of this policy every month/week.

I hope I answered your questions.
Thank you for comment once again!

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Petty girl in the park

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thank you