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The only thing wrong with this set is there aren't enough shots of this adorable side of Sybil. Still, the shots there are each exquisite. I suppose I should be happy with quality not quantity but I can always hope for both!

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Slbil is so sweet and natural. I love a pretty lady in a white terry robe fresh from the shower! So warm sexy and clean smelling. When a woman lets you in to this space you are one very lucky person and you should make sure you make her feel the same.

  • Neil
  • 12 months ago
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With or without makeup, a beautiful young woman is a beautiful young woman. Even with her hair not combed, she is beautiful. Patiently give her about one hour to get ready and she will be absolutely stunning.

  • Fred
  • 12 months ago
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Loved this set. There's certainly beauty in a glamorous presentation, but unless there's the sense that there's a real woman underneath it, playing with appearances for her own reasons, it can be distant and unengaging, and too calculated. Here that whole layer of extra stuff isn't there, and it's intimate and unguarded in a way that just being naked isn't. The third photograph, for example, goes straight to your heart, and the sixteenth, and all the rest. Many thanks to Sybil!

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Well said, Fred.

I also like # 16 mostly for Sybil's eyes. Aren't they spectacular? I always check a model's eyes and sometimes the shooter is visible doing their job. Our host and friend is too clever to be caught on camera, but other shooters sometimes make cameo appearances.

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