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boring set how much did this cost?

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Perhaps you do not know, these short little sets are bonuses. RylskyArt promises to publish five new sets per week. RA publishes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. RA usually does not publish on Monday and Thursday, however Rylsky frequently gives us small bonus sets like the Backstage or Petals galleries. These Monday and Thursday bonus sets are extra and are offered for no extra charge. This little set was published to celebrate the New York Islanders getting into the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs. I hope that helps to explain what is happening in RylskyArt. I recommend you check out the Behind-the-scenes page to stay informed about RA. Also, you may want to like and follow RylskyArt Official on Facebook Book.

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Rylsky's favorite hockey team, after the Russian national team is the New York Islanders.

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Hmm?- I suddenly became a huge fan of the NEW YORK ISLANDERS................

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Swan in the snow! Glad this set was short. I wouldn't want her to freeze those lovely labia.

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....ummmm I guess this is a hockey thing, right? ( ; :P

Alternate caption:

"Forget a damn Stanley Cup, I want SWAN!!!" LOL

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There is a very elite group of Rylsky's very best models who get to pose in a New York Islanders Jersey. Congratulations to the beautiful young lady named Swan. She has been inducted into the club. I admire her bravely posing outdoors in the cold. She is a trooper.

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There's some lovely swans in my local park but none of them look as great as this....

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I know, right? All we have here in Madison is ducks and geese... ( ; Not that they're not fun to look at and feed in the spring, but I'd like to see Swan from time to time... ( ;

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