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Awesome beauty and great set. I love the ass detail shots. Her legs, face and body all are perfect. Lovely skin. Gorgeous eyes and smile. Lovely model with a great attitude. Good job. Let's see more of her soon please!

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Swan is gorgeous as usual. Neil pretty much hit all the high points except I disagree about the background. It is rich and colorful but the lighting sucks the color out of our beautiful model. It tends to make her beautiful skin look lifeless and grey. You only need look at the photos of her other sets below to see what I mean. Going through and looking at the closeups will show you what I mean.

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Harsh lighting indeed- seems to be a trend starting.................

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A very nice update. This young lady called Swan is beautiful as always. A gorgeous feminine figure. A radiant smile. And a warm inviting personality. Lovely. The dark luxurious background is perfect for Swan.

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