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This is a most divine photo set - how exquisite!
Solana is just so wonderful - I never cease to be amazed by such beauty.
Thank you for these amazingly sensual and erotic photos!

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Exceptionally cute and beautiful girl... really hope you will give us more of Solana... can I make one request? A 'smoother' Solana would be so delicious... if she's prepared to go 'bald', of course... that she is prepared to reveal herself naked to your expert lens is enough for me

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Do you mean not only unshaven? Yes, she will be presented here. We always try to present models to you differently. It makes us feel like we meet not only for 1 day. We like our girl all the ways she wants.

Thank you for your comment and for joining my site.

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It's my favourite new site, I love your work on Met-Art but here it reaches new heights of the sublime. Thank you.

P.S. I would like to see Solana completely shaved, yes, but I like hairy too. Like you say, to see the girl presenting in many different ways is to see the whole woman.

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I am glad I understood your first comment the right way.
Her next set will be unshaven, but third will be "completely shaved".
I promise.

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Don't get me wrong, the set is beautiful as is the model but I noticed her spreading her labia at one point; is this site going to begin wandering into the explicit zone?

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all that can be presented at this site is only what model wanted to be done. I just have border on boy's presence and I hope you know why. We are the only men who are with a model now and here. That's the way we can imagine that girl loves us. It is about atmosphere, not because i dislike man's body.

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My first comment, and big compliments.

My first compliment goes to Solana who is not just beautiful but oh so aware about what she does to a man (well, at least to me). She plays with our minds as she does with her sensuality and sexuality and she does it in the best way. Kudos for letting it come out that great.

The second compliment goes to you, Mr. Rylsky, for making this all happen and for not making it look cheap but classy.
And I have to admit, I was waiting for those shots to appear (I'm moving forward from the start of the site), knowing that you have a great view for the female beauty and that they will turn out great.
I really appreciate all the hard work you put into your shots and want to say "Thank you". To you, your team and all your beautiful models.

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You are very welcome here and thank you for your first comment and for support!

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Where do you get these women; they are consistently gorgeous! Over at Met-Art I can always spot a new Rylsky model without looking at the info--you and I have the exact same eye for beauty.

Solana is a great addition to the site. She has a very athletic figure and I especially like the shape of her nose. I know that sounds crazy, but I'm a sucker for details.

I foresee a signature "wet" Rylsky photo shoot in her future. :)

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Be sure, I see no crazy things in your comment. We all love details, some special too. Let me say that girls do like comments as this one - yours.

Sad that photography can not let you feel the smell of hair, the texture of the skin, etc... But we all have imagination and we all have our fantasies. We are lucky with it on the planet Earth for sure.

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Welcome dear Tachie. You are lovely. Your nipples are especially adorable, and those socks are such a nice touch. Come back soon and give us more!

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Let me say that her name is Solana and the set's name is "Tachie".
She asked also what "more" you want her to give to you?

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Oh sorry, of course, it's Solana. Hi lovely Solana! Just more of her beauty will be fine. :)

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