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This girl...takes me to a summer morning, to a country garden, to the sweet smell of spring in the air...flowers..morning dew on everything including us. I like it here...;o)

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Dear members!

Please take to attention that we have some issue with zipfiles in low and mid resolutions - quality of photos may be no good. Please download ONLY HIGH RESOLUTION zipfiles or watch sets online in your browser (slideshow recommended).

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Neil, profile portrait depends on many things. At least one I can say right now.
Her portfolio on RylskyArt now contains mostly her sets with the look of this portrait. You will see not only her but many girls will be presented at RylskyArt in many make-up styles and hairstyles. As example, Janelle will be in 3(!!!) hair colors.

Also keep in mind we try to ask girl if she like or not her "avatar portrait".

BTW , let me know any other site where models profiles page and "all models on 1 page" looking better vs. RylskyArt.com
We can do changes, but I think we made this page not bad now and we had many reasons to do it that the way you see it here.

Thank you for very good input and interesting question.

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Ok Rylsky, you are the boss. But i think Sandra looks great in her new style and color, more mature and sophisticated. Her MetArt head shot shows her new style and color. She is wearing the new style and color in her metart debut and of course here as well. Either way she is very pretty, but with the new style she looks like a rock star. :)

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#24 would make a very good close up for a Avatar! Any way you slice it Sandra is one cute young lady.

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Ok, I will ask her. #24 - good one

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Wow, What a delightful and original presentation. Sandra is really something. She is just as cute and sexy in the dress in those first 5 shots as she is in the more reveling ones. What a shock #11 was! It took my breath away and set my heart to pounding. I love the fact that she was so willing to spread those labia for us and what a delightful pink interior. This is the way I like to see smokey labia. The contrast is so amazing and so HOT! Seeing her crawling all over that SUV like a tom boy is at once cute and endearing and sexy as hell. I would really have loved seeing that in a video. IMHO this is the perfect set for a tall lean and lovely girl like Sandra. I seems so natural and spontaneous. As Neil said, like Rylsky simply went with her and captured the moments for us as if we were there.

I love this set. It is not often that I see a set that feels so perfectly natural and spontaneous.

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Every so often I'm favorably impressed with a comment/critique that one of my fellow geezers makes, and don't mind saying so. YOU nailed this one hipshot...;o) This is exactly how I felt about this set... I'm still drooling....

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The pictures with the dress are divine. ( : Both the "innocent" and the naughty, but esp. the naughty. How could I have overlooked Sandra thus far? Wonderful set.

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Can you say b b b butterfly? Sandra can.

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The absolutely amaxing Miss Sandra Lauver. A remarkably beautiful, incredibly sensual, preeminently seductive woman. At 5ft 10in, Sandra is tall and slender, with stunningly gorgeous 35-23-35 hourglass shape. Shuch lovely long legs and perfect bottom. I see Sandra has a new shorter hair style, with a lovely lighter shade of brown. But her eyes are as brown, as dark and as enchanting as every. It is clear that Sandra is completely comfortable with her youthful sexuality.

I was delighted to see that the set started with this beautiful temptress eating an apple. Clearly something SINFULa was about to happen. Delightfully fascinating! Such a perfectly sexy and erotic photoset. Sandra gave a perfectly erotic presentation. My guess is Rylsky just hung on to his camera as tight as he could and let Sandra do all the work. And what a great work it was.

So, my warmest regards and very best wishes Sandra Lauver. May you enjoy much happiness. You are wonderful.

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Rylsky, Do you think Sandra needs a new head shot for her profile? She has completely changed and, may I say, improved her look with the new hair style and lighter color. Just a thought.

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her profile and bio was updated. refresh cache of browser if you see no changes.

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Great! Now she looks perfect.

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