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This set was just a warm up for the MA set the next day and yes, it really worked. Roberta is fast becoming one of my favorite Rylsky girls!

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The use of light and shadow in image 8 results in a magnificent photo. Love it.

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I agree with Hipshot131. But there is not enough variety of poses and we are deprived of see enough of her.

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Great lighting and perfect choice of background. I think Roberta has one of the most awesome bodies of any of the Rylsky girls. I will probably get lots a flack for that but for me her body is an absolute classic from head to foot. IMO she is top ten material.

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Thanks for this little, tiny, visit from Roberta; she is a beautiful woman.

I would have liked to see more images with her eyes open. In the images we did see, her hourglass figure looks outstanding! And, of course, her hair is beautiful as are her downy hairs, rigid nipples, and delightful derriere.

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"delightful derriere" is an understatemt

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Hey Mr. Rylsky - great choice of a model for a monochrome color set! Roberta's hair color works perfectly with both the lighting and the brown-colored scrim-work room divider you used as a background. That, and the fact that Ms. Berti's nicely-sculpted body was the perfect foil to your well-executed lighting. I particularly liked frames #s 31-34.

Although this was edited and posted as one of your shorter "bonus Thursday updates" it could have easily been posted as a full-blown set. I, for one, wouldn't have any arguments with that.

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I see team Rylsky and Roberta will be featured on MetArt tomorrow (Friday). A nice full size gallery.

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Yayyyyy! October is turning into a great month already.

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If it's anything like this bonus set, it'll merit an immediate download.

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An excellent bonus set for our Thursday morning, featuring another beautiful redhead. Roberta is absolutely gorgeous, as always. I like the wooden screen. It complements Roberta's complexion. I also like the soft shadows. Very sophisticated and sensual. Bravo Rylsky and Roberta.

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