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So many classic poses, So classy! Where do I even start? This set takes my breath away. As far as I'm concerned Nikia is Rylsky's #1 model! Jeff is oh so cute and several others are great too but Nikia is the consummate pro. She never misses. Her beauty is far deeper than just skin deep. There is an aura of secure feminine presence that fairly screams WOMAN! This set seems more seductive then the previous sets but how can that be? I have to say that the first page is pure magic. There are so many perfect photos it is hard to pick just a few. #7 certainly! and how could anyone not like #20? and #38 for those dreamy blue eyes! Rylsky has so many beauties but there is only one Nikia!

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Way to go slapshot!

Very good summary of what you (and many more of us) like about Nikia.

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Photo 3 was a stunning pose to start this out. Nikia looks a little thinner and her makeup somehow, a little sexier. Color coordination again worked well with the set. I usually look through a Nikia gallery admiringly, adoringly, with awe. This one, with all of the shots from behind, got me horny. I just woke up and have no privacy to do anything about this horniness. Ah, wait, the shower. I have to take a shower. I think I found my solution. Sorry, for the graphics, but i hope anyone who reads this will laugh, including Nikia. This is a smoking hot set and a great way to kick off the new year. Nikia, your beauty expertise really shines and seems more and more perfect with each gallery.

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The amazing Ms Nikia, always absolutely perfect. Nikia is such a talented model and so very beautiful. She seems to be particularly mature and sophisticated in this update. I think this is a more recent shoot.

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Photo number 9: the "super girl" or "wonder woman" pose. I love it.

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If anything, Nikia seems to grow more self assured and poised with time and her hair seems a little darker than in the past. This serves only to highlight her superb complexion, dazzling eyes and perfectly formed lips.

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I suspect that this is an older shoot. Older, or newer, it's Nikia and there are some arms akimbo images and that's great.

Many thanks to all involved.

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Can someone tell me how am I supposed to rate it only 10?

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