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I have written so much about Nikia. I have nothing new to say. She is simply a remarkably beautiful young woman. All of her updates are wonderful treasures. Oh Nikia, we love you!

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Nikia is the reigning queen of all Rylsky Land. I am surprised to see this update rated only 8.7 out of 10.

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It would have been nice to have a few photos of Nikia wearing the dress to begin with.

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If you really want to see Nikia wearing the dress, check out Nikia's update "Shiro".

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OK, it's official, Nikia hereby wins my "perkiest model" award. (:

Thanks for the gorgeous pictures, Nikia and Rylsky... Nikia, I would love to have seen you in the dress before it came off, but I LOVE your makeup and your hairstyle, and of course your attitude and posing in this oh-so lovely set... (:

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I will have to learn another language!

I have written every compliment I can think of and repeated many when it comes to Nikia. Let's just say that a visit from Nikia is special and every one is much appreciated.

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