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I would love to be able to read Pushkin or Gogol in their native tongue, or watch Tarkovsky or Shepitko without subtitles, but the only inspiration I really need to learn Russian is the thought of holding Nikia tenderly in my arms and whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

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Good gawd! I never realized that this special, special woman had reserves of powerfully sexy gorgeousness on call at anytime. This set is new, uncharted territory of radiant femininity.

I was already smitten; now I am simply possessed.

Nikia, you are special ... and a treasure. Thank you SO much for sharing your incredible self.

I wish peace, love, health, and happiness to you.

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Beautiful all dolled up for the holidays- But when is Nikia ever not a doll?

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Global Warming?? Well maybe but Nikia certainly warms me

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Merry Christmas to everyone here!
Thank you!

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Merry Christmas, Nikia ~ and thank you for this lovely Christmas gift to your fans! You've never looked more gorgeous. :)

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Merry Christmas, Nikia. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Seeing you has made made mine - and I imagine many others - all the happier.

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Merry Christmas Nikia . You are very lovely.

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No my dear... thank YOU! Christmas comes but once a year, but the appearance of your sets here every so often, makes it seem like Christmas, even in July! I'm sure that any number of our online community are more than happy to have you under their Christmas tree, if only in electronic format. Would that it were possible for you to be in our doorways under the mistletoe, you would make all of us very happy indeed.

Stay safe and warm and have a happy Holiday!

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@ Nikia

By the way Nikia... this set is undoubtable proof that you can be more than just the sweet young woman next door. Some may say they don't like the red lipstick, but I think it makes perfect holiday sense for what is basically a black-and-white (and flesh-colored of course) set.

The first three frames are just a wonderful start and I simply love what Rylsky has caught in frame #16 - you with your head tipped down getting ready to flip your hair forward over your shoulders for frame #17 - with your elbows tucked in at your sides making a very lovely show of "cleavage" and the jacket barely covering your breasts - I don't ever recall another set with a shot like it - it's just very, very nice. Thanks - to both you and Team Rylsky!

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Merry Christmas to you, Nikia -- to you, your family and friends, and your nation. Thank you for choosing to entertain us as you do. Thank you for your consummate professionalism. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2016. I hope we see you many, many times in the future. Greeting from the USA!

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She is beautiful but I disagree with ranking models. We might all have our favorites but that does not make them "better" than others.

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There exist a great many superb photo sets of Nikia already.
But this set is probably the best of her best.
Lovely and seductive!

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Excellent setup. A bit different look for Nikia though. The lipstick is a bit to much and the makeup to heavy but it is Nikia and the setting and the fur coat really came out nice!

Very nice set

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Forget "princess" ~ Nikia's The Queen.

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Snow Princess indeed! Nikia is always a Princess in my eyes. Thanks to Nikia, and extra thanks to Team Rylsky for the extra effort to create this setting.

At 1:00 am in Edmonton, Alberta it is 3°F or -16°C. We didn't get the memo, so it looks like a white Christmas is in store. We don't really have much snow, but there is a forecast of 60% chance of flurries all day.

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From the land where winter was invented, her royal highness Nikia, the snow princess. I love the creativity of this set. Nikia is as beautiful as ever. Absolutely gorgeous. I think Rylsky and his crew put in some serious effort to create the setting for this update. Nikia's thrown looks like real ice. Very nice. Bravo to Rylsky and his team!

At 3am, the temperature here in Pennsylvania, USA is 50 degrees F or 10 degrees C. Global warming.

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Much the same from my side of the state. Golfing/fishing weather - not skiing or sled riding.

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