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Just when you think you've seen every wet set photoshoot ever shot, another one comes along with one of your favorite models of all time... *sigh*

I'll be glad when they've all been published.

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I think all of Rylsky's best models should do at least one shoot in the wet studio. Remember Loreen's MetArt gallery "Droplets" and who can forget the galleries Caesaria did in the wet studio. I like the wet studio shoots more than the bath and shower sets. What about the beautiful redhead Kiara's one and only MetArt gallery, which was a spectacular wet shoot. She looked like a storm goddess in the middle of a violent thunderstorm.

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I am not a wet set fan but Mia is just to beautiful and sweet for words! Absolutely darling!

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Agree with Neil entirely – I thought that unfortunately we had seen the last of the beautiful Mia. She still remains one of the most erotic and delightful models we have ever seen. Hopefully Rylsky has a few more hidden away in his capacious archive.

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I also LOVE Rylsky's wet studio sets, mainly for the water droplets frozen in time and air.

It helps when the model is as attractive as Mia, and in Tropfe many of the water droplets are frozen on her.

Masterful job friend Rylsky and everyone else who collaborated.

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This is a delightful surprise for me today. I love Mia and I love Rylsky's wet studio shoots. I thought we would never see Mia again. It has been a long time since her last visit. This set reminds me of Mia's MetArt gallery "Reyna", which was published almost exactly three years ago on 30 December 2013. I love the wet shoots, the wetter the better. Very nice.

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I forgot the foreign language lesson for today, sorry. The title "Tropfe" is a German noun meaning "drop" like a rain drop. Certainly a perfect title for this update.

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