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Mariam has been one of my FAV's for a long time. the only negative is why not more sets of her. been a long time member of MA even since she was presented. the TWO set is a FAV.

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Today's great set of beautiful Mariam (Maria M) generated some random thoughts for me.

Neil's comments on Mariam's first set here is one of his most informative. I prefer Mariam as she appears here, today; but without pubes is nice too. I really want to tag many of Rylsky's models, galleries, and movies with "why I like rylsky". MET allows why I love Russian so I intend to start there. The location of Goitro is very nice and, if possible, return visits would be nice.

I know a person should never assume, but I will anyway. Does the hand written page in the last picture convey something special for Rylsky's members?

Thanks for allowing me to be long winded and to jump from thought to thought.

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Yummy. I can think of a writing exercise for our lovely young lady--I put my mouth someplace and we see how long she can keep her concentration with that pen. ;)

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Rylsky just could noy wait untill Redheads Only week, so he gives us the preview. Well, one more redhead is always nice. And this sweetheart is beautiful. Mariam is so very cute and so very appealing. She has a nature, wholesome beauty like the girl next store. And she seems to have a playful, friendly and inviting smile, with a charming personality.She has such a beautifuly shaped feminine figure and such beautiful pale alabaster skin. So very warm regards Mariam and very best wishes. You are wonderful.

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