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Model on top but less photoshop please, too many effects
Not quite natural, really...

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Hmmmm --- nice set....but it doesn't look like Rylsky-work!

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Luciana is so very pretty. She reminds me of Loreen. Beautiful blue eyes and a playful happy face. And such a magnificently shaped feminine body. Luciana presents so many perfectly beautiful poses, with such ease and grace.

I am always fascinated by the Black Sea coast, probably because I have visited the Turkish coastline. Of course, RylskyArt is not a travel guide, but with beautiful tour guides like Luciana, it could be.

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Luciana is a very beautiful woman, and Rylsky has more than done her justice in this wonderful set. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back and drool over Page 2 (that's right, the whole thing).

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This is a very nice and VERY interesting gallery. I hate it when the photographer subjects the model to all sorts of yucky stuff over and near their girly parts. In #43 both camps have their cup of tea. There is sand, but only individual and colorful pieces trapped in Luciana's pubes and navel. I also like the impact that water has on nipples, and hair in motion and caught in interesting shots like #s 20 to 22. Well done Rylsky!

Now on to my thoughts on Luciana. She is a beautiful woman and I really like her eyes, smile, areolae and nipples, innie, long beautiful legs and bubble butt.

When I read what I have written, I added a favorite tag to my existing 10 for Luciana. Also, I obviously have to add that this is one of MY all time favorite galleries shared with us by Rylsky!

Thanks very much Luciana and Rylsky for this great visit.

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For clarity I should have mentioned that the only time girly parts and yucky stuff are close to each other is in #43; and I should have stated that I appreciate this.

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