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Would you plese quit having the girls clench thir buttocks apart. It looks as if they are farting at us.

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I want to see what Latoya's lovely bottom looks like in those yoga pants and the panties underneath BEFORE seeing them pulled down... I'll cross my fingers for a future set.

  • 10 months ago
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Not sure that is the point of the set Fer being part of the 'Petals' series, I thought it was fabulous the rear views were put in. I do hope there is a yoga pant set coming up though, hehe :))

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Oh, you're absolutely right, Fozzinsky. I was trying to ~ hint! hint! ~ prime Rylsky to tee up a non-petals set of Latoya starting *ahem* in her yoga pants... (:

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(I think yoga pants were the best girl's fashion trend EVER. Followed very closely by cropped tops)

  • Neil
  • 11 months ago
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This is not for me, but at least some of the photos were shot in the white and gold room. I went over to MetArt to review "Maneza" featuring Latoya. Always excellent.

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