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Perfect present for Independence Day!

This set feels like Kei is that friend you're madly in love with, but she wont give you the chance because you're in the friend zone. LOL! Perfectly lovely and she knows it, and is happy to make you wag your tongue as you long for the touch of her lips.

My baby!

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"This set feels like Kei is that friend you're madly in love with, but she wont give you the chance because you're in the friend zone."

Ha ha! How come I resemble this remark so much? :D Soo true, Philogyny! I've been there so often.... ( ;

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You haven't lived until you've been in the friend zone. LOL

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Ha ha ha!!! Yes, purgatory was what was being spoken of when it was first said, "What does not kill us makes us stronger" ~~~ ! ( ;

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I really do like these outdoor photo shoots with the model wearing a pretty summer dress. It provides a nice contrast to the many bedroom scenes and gives the models an opportunity to show off their personalities and natural grace. More like this please!

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Many thanks to Kei and to Rylsky for providing us with this lovely feast of upskirt images. This is exactly what I love to see... a gorgeous woman in a pretty dress showing us what's underneath. It adds to the appeal of both so much... ( :

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Lovely Kei, I am always happy to see you again and to see you in this place where almost every top Ryksky model has been photographed is superb. All of my favorites have been here over the years so it is appropriate that my long time favorite is here today.

Thank you Kei and I hope to see many more sets.

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OK! Oh Kei! A lovely summer afternoon with our beautiful friend, Kei. That would be a wonderful visit. Kei is always so pretty and she always poses with grace and style. Very nice.

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Oh joy! Kei's back, and her front, and her bum, and her EYES too.

What a delightful little walkabout in a nice park. And Kei is wearing a pretty dress just made for twirling, lifting, and showing what she is wearing underneath ~ nothing, I like that.

Imagine that you lived in that walkup apartment and went to the eating area for a nice picnic and Kei was there. Keep the children occupied until Kei and Team Rylsky were finished the shoot, then invite them to share your lunch. I wager everybody would have a very enjoyable lunch and chat.

Thank you very much Kei and Team Rylsky! I love the carefree and happy feeling this gallery portrays.

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