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Just like her last outdoor set, I have absolutely no complaints that she's outdoors for this one. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. ( :

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Nice to see Kei again. She is always a joy to see.

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The last week has been the best ever on RA, I think, and how else could you end a week like that except with Kei? It was clear days ago that we must be building to that, and it's very pleasant that RA is a place where such logic prevails.

Kei is so warm, intelligent, and full of life that I can't imagine there will ever be a time in her life when she doesn't steal everyone's heart.

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I keep wondering if my heart will still beat faster when I see a new set of Kei.

I am happy to say that yes, my heart still beats faster. I love these intimate portraits--I almost feel like she's looking at ME when she gazes into the camera. This set looks like she was enjoying herself.

There's something about the sunlight that makes this set really interesting; was it early morning? or early evening? There's just the right amount of light to make it look ethereal somehow.

Please send her my regards. I am still madly in love.

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So very nice to see Kei again. She is so very pretty.

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Kei gets behind the wheel to drive us crazy. :)

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