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Oh my goodness! I think I am in love with this model Janelle! Those blue eyes are simply to die for! WOW! Thanks Rylsky for bringing her to you page! YUM!

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We are happy that you're in love, this is our goal - to make members feel so happy and even in love.
Welcome to RA Club and thank you for your support. More of Janelle at her very best is coming up soon.

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Oh boy (or more correctly, girl)! Wet sets! The wet-head definitely ain't dead (yet).

On the one hand the lens flares in #s 6 & 10 & the major one in #11 don't add anything (for me) to the photos. They might for others but not for me in this set.

On the other hand,I know (from experience) it's difficult to avoid them when the light is behind and above your subject.

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I love #5 and #16 the way the light behind her works with the spray is perfect. Of course Janelle is picture perfect. That is what I would class as THE perfect pussy and the rest of her is pretty darn close too. I love those big blue eyes and that beautiful dark honey blond hair styled so perfect for her. Soooo much better than the bleach blond look. It's been far too long since my eyes have been treated to this lovely vision.

Very nice set, I hope this means there are more coming?

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Many "blondes" just don't fit the "blond" mode and quite a few "redheads" just don't have the right physical demeanor to carry it off but this "dark honey blond" color seems to fit Janelle perfectly. I agree with you about the bleached blond look not being so good on her. I also really like how her nipples & areolae sit up pointing just outward from her breast's midline. For some reason they seem to make her breasts even more "perky".

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Besides that, if you look at Janelle in sets on other sites' sets, the darker hair color really looks much better on her. Matter of fact, this is one set where I would really have liked to have seen her with a bit of a bush like she showed in the "DECHTI" set on M-A.

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This young lady is no less than absolutely beautiful. I love her gorgeous brunette hair. Janelle constantly changes her hair color, but in my opinion, this shade of brown is simply the best. Every one of the photos in the update is wonderful. Janelle just seems to own the camera and poses with perfection. Excellent, simply excellent.

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