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Wonderful! Another chance to to see the lovely Feeona and her fun side as well! It has been far to long. Nancy is a doll and I am told that she is a genuinely nice lady and fun to work with. I love Roberta! I have loved her from her first set. It is wonderful to see her like this. I think these sets are priceless because this is the real girls. Not the perfect goddesses that we see in the formal sets. I always welcome new back stage sets!

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Forgot, Feeona's cute little bush is perfect just like she is!

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I absolutely love these playful candid shots. These models are so adorable. I see Roberta is sitting on a J Becker baby grand piano. That is the same kind of piano in the famous white and gold room. Jacob Becker came from Germany and established a piano factory in Saint Petersburg in 1841. The factory continued to produce a small number of pianos until the Soviet era. So Rylsky's models are climbing on old antique pianos. Careful ladies, that piano is old and irreplaceable. :) I also learned that J Becker pianos are still available on the antique market, however they are difficult to tune and repair.

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