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This Girl is SUPER FINE!!! in all Caps...

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Welcome to RylskyArt, AlphaMan.

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Damn! This girl is hot!

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Oh my goodness... in the first photo Evita stole my breath and hasn't given it back yet...
When she smiles, like in image # 24, I suspect it's not only my breath she's stolen....

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Not bad!

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Parallax, you have just mastered the fine art of understatement!

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My god this woman is gorgeous! I'm in heaven, and I'm just looking at photographs. xooxoxo

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Now I think we have an answer about "soft" sets experiment. You always comment on non-soft version, so it means you didn't skip it, so what for to ask for soft version???
from 2014 I have no reasons to make 2 versions anymore, or please say it.


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I think that instead of doing a soft version, I would prefer another set of this gorgeous young lady

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Yes, we are happy that she is working exclusively for our site.
And now we are in process of agreement with her about monthly updates on RylskyArt.

we will see

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I'm glad to hear that Evita will be making monthly appearances on RA. She is certainly very welcome to return as often as she'd like!

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My original request was motivated by two things: 1) an aversion to the labia manipulation that is almost de rigeur at SexArt and 2) a fear that the same thing was creeping into the sets here. I haven't done a survey, but I believe that I have downloaded the "soft" versions in most cases. To me, the comments are irrelevant. I pay tribute to a beautiful model in both versions.

All that said, the labia manipulation in your sets is far less intrusive that that on SA. Ultimately it's your call, but I definitely appreciate the thought.

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Sailor, I still totally agree with your original sentiment. I completely agree that what ruins a lot of porn for me is the presence of either fingers, toys, or someone else's "equipment" in the way of what I want to be looking at, in 9 out of 10 pictures.
I also agree that for the most part here on RA that doesn't happen.
I like the idea of "soft" sets, but I don't want them simply to be the same set with the "hard" pictures removed. That is simply a waste of disk space.
Rather, I too would prefer a different set with no obstructing object between the model and myself... ( :

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(I also suspect you and I are in the minority here, but... oh well, at least we've put our opinion out there. It'll be nice to see if anyone else wants to chime in, either with us or not.)

  • Neil
  • 12 months ago
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Evita Lima is amazingly beautiful and supremely sensual. In my opinion, she is as perfect as any woman could hope to be. What an incredibly gorgeous female body. A perfectly shaped figure. A perfectly radiant face that can capture and melt any heart. Evita will reign supreme as a goddess in the Rylskyart pantheon.

Evita Lima, you are perfectly beautiful.

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