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I love Daisy's beautiful big butt,her face, and her wrinkled areolae. Its nice to see ladies from the Baltic region starting to get more exposure. I wish the user tags would accept comments about areolae like met does.

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Those heels are SERIOUSLY sexy. ( :

Just out of curiosity, Mr. Rylsky, compared to MetArt, why do you show so few photos (and such short vids) in your sets here?

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Ok, what did you missed in my sets here compared to MetArt galleries?

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The number of pictures. It seems that your RA sets have just about half the number of pictures compared to your MA and Erotic Beauty sets, and the movis are approximately half as long.
I've always assumed that this is intentional, I am simply curious why.

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...and the movies now at MA are 5-10 minutes long. so it looks almaost the same vs. RA. but count my vids on MA monthly. RA gave you 2-3 times more Rylsky's movies per month. and RA movs will be not so limited with thing we like to see when girls do that... you know what I mean:)

please post this type of comments in RYLSKY's BLOG articles. see link at the end of any page: Rylsky's Blog

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What you compared my site with? Largest online erotiс websites? I am proud to have this compare from you! But be realistic. We started this site in nov. 2012. Metart is since 1999. EB is 7+ years old...

We had discussed this from the start. It was choice to have 15 updates per month with 100 photos each set. Or to have 20+ updates but 50-60 photos per set. We talk about SINGLE PHOTOGRAPHER site in the first half year from the start. Keep it in mind, please. Or compare my site with anything that was started with 1 photograper and daily updates with 10s of world known topmodels. I cannot find any site.

We see stats, we see your support grows and we feel it. We will do our best with all people who are in my team working hard for RylskyArt.

Thank you for support.

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Thank you for the replies. I will look for your blog.

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Beautiful girl, fantastic ass, great photoset

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Hi Rylsky, Nice work. I have noticed that with all the models the "tagging system" does not work like in "Metart"!! If you type in for example "blue eyes" in the "Metart" system it will give you all the words starting with "blue", but on your site it does not work!!. Maybe a small programming mistake. I think this is the reason why all your models do not have a lot of "tags" next to the name??? Only try to help improving your site!! Good luck!!!

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Thank you
Programmers informed now.

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Amazing shots of a goddess! Shots # 24, 25, 26, and 39 are fantastic captures of this model's classic beauty. She has the most perfect complexion and skin tones and those awesome blue eyes combined with that lovely smile could launch a thousand ships. Shot #45 (the cover shot)is breath taking.

Perfect girl, perfect photography. A winning set for sure.

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Great job Daisy, you look beautiful.

  • 2 years ago
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Perfect, classic beauty.

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