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  • Neil
  • 12 months ago
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I forgot how beautiful Cira is. She is one of those beautiful women who seem to hide in plain sight among all the other beautiful RylskyArt models. I love her magnificent tall slender petite feminine figure, definitely my favorite female body type. And I adore her exquisitely elegant and sophisticated face. She looks like a gorgeous movie star or the daughter of a wealthy industrialist or nobleman. Very nice indeed.

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Beautiful images of beautiful Cira.

Thanks for the ribs, delightful derriere, beautiful face ~ eyes and eyebrows.

I really enjoyed Scafatta.

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This woman has me absolutely bewitched! She has become one of my absolute favorites. She is as perfectly formed as any of his models and wonderfully exotic and mysterious. Seldom does a dark skinned woman have this effect on me but Cira completly blows me away. Her face is gorgeous, those dark eyes bewitching and that smile could melt any heart. She sets my fantasies raging of a middle eastern beauty who makes men burn with lust. She would be the perfect princess from Aladdin. In fact she has a uncanny resemblance to the Disney character. I love this woman and I hope that she will appear in many more sets from the master.

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This macks me wish I could afford Metart X

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oops, Spell checker missed that one! makes, not macks

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