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Photo 57 is a beautiful portrait of a beautiful young lady. Some people play the piano. This lady plays with the piano. Does she teach private lessions?
Does Clavessa refer ro the kind of plano? I think so.
Rylsky, this is the kind of interior photosets that this member likes.
If Cecile was my kid, I would tell her to get off the furniture. She is not my kid so I am going to enjoy.

Great job Cecile.

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Very pretty Cecile. Thank uou for reminding us that brown eyes are beautifull too. Photo number 24 is magnificent. Interesting interior setting. Cecile, you have pretty and inviting lips and smile. The dark brown wood is perfect for Cecile. Very nice.

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I want you take a look at her new update here in 2 weeks or so just to see changes in her. I bet you will enjoy it too.
And yes, CLAVESSA referred to kind of piano.

  • Neil
  • 12 months ago
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Rylsky, I just found Cecile's static photo for her knew set. This is going to get good. We are talking about industrial strangth high octane WOW!!!

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I take very close looks at ALL your up dates. That is what I do. But now I am curious. Amazing how mother nature can improve on perfect. Ours is a wonderful world.

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Nice, maybe a bit laid back but nothing a few smiles wouldn't fix. The set is missing the feel of seduction. Pretty eyes. Nice breasts, fat nipples, and a lovely pussy. What's not to like? Everything is there. Nice closeups, good colors and great lighting but it is missing the spark that makes a set great.

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Agree mostly, but there are smiles. Not cheshire cat - enigmatic - and a couple of shots where she smiles in stereo. That sparks me, although my vote for best shot is 69. This looks seductive to me, as in, come and play a tune for me big-fella, yet it is delightfully playful and artful.

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