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I never realized that she had freckles! I wish she had not covered them with make up. I love freckles and they really match her personality!Happy new year Caesaria! you will always be loved and remembered!

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This is a great collection of images of Caesaria having fun.

Even if Rylsky chose not to include them in some full size galleries these images are treasures!

Don't ask me to explain because I probably can't, but image # 21 is my favorite. Many thanks to Rylsky for saving and publishing these delightful images.

Happy New Year everyone, I hope 2017 is prosperous and safe for you and all your loved ones.

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Replying to myself, tsk tsk tsk.

The image is # 17.

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LOL! Caesaria totally deserves her own behind the scenes--she's clearly a little harlequin on-set. How do you guys get any work done?

A perfect end to a very long year. Thank you!

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What a wonderful set of a wonderful model. She has so much life and spirit and that is so amazingly attractive. What fun it must be for Mr Rylsky who gets to see and interact with beauties such as Caesaria.
I envy you Mr Rylsky. You have the best job in the world.

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This is fantastic. What a wonderful treat. Caesaria is the all time very best. She is why cameras were invented. You gotta love her gorgeous feminine figure and her wonderful personality. Thank you for this ultimate bonus set. I can't imagine how anyone could rate it less than a perfect 10. My very warm regards and best wishes to Caesaria. I hope she is happy and prosperous in all her future endeavors.

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Between July of 2009 and July of 2013, Caesaria was featured in 28 MetArt galleries, all by Rylsky. Before there was Jeff Milton, before there was Mia and before there was Virginia Sun, there was the amazingly beautiful Ms Caesaria. In her biography profile, Caesaria told us that she was a university student, studying finance. I don't know what she is doing now. I would like to believe she is married and building a successful career in banking or maybe even in government administration. Whatever her future has given this beautiful young woman, I hope that occasionally she can smile with pride as she remembers that for a brief moment in time, she was admired, adored and worshipped by men from all over the world.

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OMG! You couldn't have given me a more perfect New Years gift! This is exactly what I loved so much about her! Her spirit, her love of life and her complete joyful presence. This is a perfect collection to remember her by. I hope she is happy and safe in what ever she is now doing and I hope she never outgrows this amazing personality.

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This is really an unexpected treat to remind us of the pleasure of a wonderful model we have not seen for many years. They do say that New Year is a time to remember "auld acquaintance"!

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