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These photos really special for me, to them I'm such as it is. very pleased that they picked up your mood)) Thank you for your comments. Your Alice

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Wow Alice. You are such a beautiful woman. Thank you for showing us a hint of your personality. You seem like a pleasure to be around and could make anyone smile without even trying. Thank you rylsky for showing us this side of her and Alice for making me loose my rylsky art comments virginity. :)

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I could fall in love with this beautiful young lady. She seems to really enjoy posing for Rylsky. I love her playful and friendly personality. I think those big goofy glasses are a nice touch. There is no reason for the models to take themselves too seriously. A beautiful young woman with a great sense of humor. Wonderful!.

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Btw Rylsky, I am watching the Olympics and I notice that all of the female Russian athletes have family surnames that end with a letter 'a'. Do I understand correctly that the letter 'a' indicates a female member of that particular family? Just curious.

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Speaking of the Olympics, I couldn't help noticing how good the Russian Ladies' Beach Volleyball team look in their uniform. Yum yum!

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Pokies pokies rah rah rah, pokies pokies rah rah rah; I love pokies ~ and white panties ~ and what Alice carries in her panties!

Very nice, Alice. Rylsky, let's keep this wonderful young woman very busy; ok.

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Girls and their big chunky sunglasses! I'll never understand the attraction... these actually make me think of something Elton John would wear. LOL

Alice is adorable and the panty show is awesome. And much better once the sunglasses get lost... (:

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Yeah, she kinda reminds me of Elton John......NOT!

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Not Alice, B.A. ~ the sunglasses! NOT Alice! LOL

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