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  • Radames: Sie ist ganz nackig, spreizt die schönen Beine und zeigt ihr feuchtes Fötzchen, man sieht ihren weißen Scheidensaft, mein Spatz wird ganz steif und steht steil hoch... view comment
  • Neil: I love this beautiful little sweetheart. I love her wonderful slender petite figure and I love her lovely brunette hair, every single strand of it. Yes even that hair. view comment
  • BaggyPants: Pokies pokies rah rah rah, pokies pokies rah rah rah; I love pokies. Lovely Una has more to offer that pleases me too.

    My favorite images are the full length ones starting at 24, plus 42. I like the setting also.

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  • loosebruce2: The dress brings out what knockout legs and breasts Alexandra has! What a great set of photographs! view comment
  • BaggyPants: I just re read what I wrote and it's pretty harsh.

    I don't hate the city, but I do resent the one way bias of most Toronto reporters. I get most of my coverage from local media in Edmonton and TSN.ca. The TSN reporters even joke that...
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Some changes from October of 2016
Dear friends!
We are together here on RylskyArt.com for 4 years already. 
Right from the start RA was updated 5 (and more!) times per week. It says it all: we gave to you much more than was promised ("join us" page of any personal site in the MA Network promised 15 updates per month). We had 22 and more updates every month FOR YEARS including bonuses as special series and blogs of models and of Rylsky's Team.
From October of 2016 we will do some changes in updates, but our members will keep on get MORE than was promised. You will get 4 regular updates per week + our special bonus sets as usually.
We still give you more than was promised because we love our members. Stay tuned!


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No update on Sunday anymore???? But there is no Rylsky gallery on MetArt or Erotic Beauty today. Just a little disappointed. You spoiled us for four years. We need our Rylsky fix. Hmm, I wonder how that will translate.

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Don't worry my friend. You see on RylskyArt four years of much more vs. promised. And I keep this thing on and on more and more. Now just more but not as more as was for 4 years before. But anyway more. this is the keyword (you understand what I mean, right?).


  • Neil
  • 10 months ago
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I understand you Rylsky and I am sure we will not be disappointed. But I think it will take time to get use to the new schedule. I am in the habit of logging in to RylskyArt every morning at 3am to see what you have for us. Normally if there is nothing new on Monday or Thursday morning I can go check MetArt to see if there is a Rylsky or a Catherine gallery. If not, can go to sleep. Until I get familiar with the new schedule, I can't log off until l check RylskyArt one more time. :)

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We love you.

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Neil, just guessing from what's happening over on MA right now, my guess is that the whole MA network is going to be delivering less content from now on. I think Rylsky is trying to put a positive spin on it. But it's not just his site, I think it's all the sites.

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My site is not simply " going to be delivering less content from now on". I said it already, you have seen much more updates vs. promised, and you still get more. Just compare and see it clearly, my friend.

Have a great weekend!

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Same number of updates but fewer photos (almost half) per update = same number of updates but less content.

Your customers are not stupid, Rylsky. Nor are you. I know you were not trying to tell me I'm stupid but that is what it sounded like. (:

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Sure nobody here is stupid. I just told you that it was standard right from the start: 40+ is the regular. Mostly about 50-70 photos. It's very simple to check: just click on archives 2012-14...etc and see. I try to do my best to make you love this site not as only part of Network, but as stand-alone. That's why I try to make things and features and bonuses. And we have members who signed only for RA, not Network. It means I do things not so bad.

Have a great weekend, I promise to keep on working hard to make you a little bit happier.

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44 photos tonight, 55 last night...

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Oh, is it about quantity per set? The standard here right from the start is 40+ for regular sets and 20+ for bonus sets. For videos we always do 3 to 7 minutes.

Mostly I try to reduce repetitions - it was members request and we did it following this agreement. Thank you for your comments!

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Rylsky, my memory could be faulty, but when I subscribed to RA you had substantially more photos per update than 40. I think it was more like 80.

Again, it's not just your site, this is happening on all the MA family sites. I'm not blaming you Rylsky, it's not your fault.

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p.s. If all the members count the same, then please count this as my official vote:

PLEASE do NOT "reduce repetitions."

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Thank you sir, and thank you for being patient with a member who is currently fed up at the entire MAVerse right now.

Reading "between the lines" it's not too difficult to see the entire network is horribly stressed right now. I think MA X was a HUGE gamble and has not been delivering and all the other sites are currently being drained of money and resources and computer storage to compensate.

I really don't think it's your fault and I genuinely hope things get better and eventually we can get back to the way things should be. (:

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very interesting to know your opinion in details. i appreciate it!
just a little comment from me: please don't think I tried to say that I don't like All-MANetwork-Subscribers. I just said that if I see people who suscribe only for RA - it means for me that I do my job on THIS SITE not bad and people enjoy it without any additions. If you have your own personal project - you will understand what I mean.

Other things inside MA Network - I don't feel I have any right to discuss it, because it is 99% outside my vision. I have no time to understand any network policy and decisions if it's not about me. But I read what you wrote and will think about it.


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It just pisses me off that they are trying to sell us these subtractions and deletions as "good things" that we are going to love if we only give them a chance.

They do not recognize they are subtracting value rather than adding it, and they are really annoying (some of) their longtime customers ~ and trying to convince us it's a good thing.

Oh, and BTW ~ it's NEVER been "quantity vs. quality." That is a false narrative.

Quantity is a PART of quality. Neither is independent of the other ~ and you don't get one without the other.

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Don't forget how many things was "wrong and tasteless" when they was invented and after 10s or 100s years it became famous. It means that we are no gods to see all things clear and fair. So when quality or quantity depends on "art" or some like this - it is for million years discussion, but when we say it about things that we want to pay for - it makes sense. You paid - then it is good. You don't - it is MAYBE good but not for your money.

I wish I could talk about all these things with better English. Sorry.

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That's OK.

For what it's worth, I totally understand that MA and RA and all the other sites are businesses and not only do they need money to run, and continue running, but just like we all have to personally deal with the continuous rise in cost of living (prices always go up, never down, right?) so do businesses always have to deal with the always rising costs of doing business.

If I had been consulted, I would have been willing to pay more on my subscription to keep things as they were.

Since I was not consulted, I will say it now: I am willing to pay more on my subscription to keep the content amount standards at what they were.

I don't know if that will change anything but I hope it does.

Thanks for listening, Rylsky. I understand that there are things that you simply cannot discuss with us members.

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I understood your point of view completely now.
Sad that (if some member wish to support any site) we have no options for pay directly as a donation and get some more (request personal content or gift from a model or some like this). I really think that we need to discuss it to make it possible. Everybody can say that personal support = more ways to success.

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I think it will be Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun updates or some like this. Let's see what is more convenient.