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  • Rylsky: Yes, "light",as well. Russian Orthodox Church don't accept this name for a long time, they use Greek "Fotinia" which comes from "fos", the greek word. So it means "photography" and "Fotinia" are the words coming from the same greek word!!!
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  • Rylsky: I tried to say some compliments in Slovenian language:) view comment
  • BaggyPants: My work here is done. view comment
  • Pas de deux: -- Джемма! Стало быть, вы любите меня?
    Она обернулась к нему.
    -- Иначе... разве бы я пришла сюда? -- шепнула она, и обе ее руки упали...
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  • BaggyPants: Fun, and funny, times with two of Rylsky's models; thanks.

    Rylsky: what did you say to Sybil to generate # 15?
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Redheads Week again on RA!

Do you remember our special weeks on RA? It was always something special and some ideas was more popular than others. Our most popular specal week was about our Redhead Queens. Let's do it again during this April. How about 5  in a row redheads with updates?  

Why April? Because the March is usually between winter and spring, but the April is truely the 1st sunny month of the year. Sun and redhead girls - what a combo...

Enjoy next week!





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An interesting week as I am a great fan of redheads. There is a certain quality that you find in some of the special redheads such as Anelie and Orabelle. They are attractive young women but the red hair raises them to something exceptional. You can see some of this in the photo shoot with Solana. The other 4 models are all very attractive young women but IMO the red hair is an incidental factor rather than a major attribute. Never mind, perhaps we can have more redheads later in the summer?

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Redheads are always a treat, Rylsky.

If you have found new NATURAL redheads, or have them in your inventory; all the better.

NATURAL means no dye jobs by Kool-Aid, no black eyebrows, no black roots to head hair, no black pubes, yadda yadda yadda.

Thanks for all you do for your members.

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OK, let's call some of them as "RedLooksLikeHair"?

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Works for me, Rylsky! Although April in Wisconsin promises to be somewhat less than sunny, unfortunately. We started the month off with a fresh snowfall and I fear we will have one or two more before May...

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This will be great! I love, love, love beautiful young ladies with red hair. Less than 2% of the world population are natural redheads, such a very special kind of beauty. I love the hair color, but more than that, I love the wonderful pale alabaster skin tone, the cute perfectly placed freckles and the fierce redhead attitude.